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Master P, Romeo Entertain Kids During Earth Day, Introduce New Cartoon Character
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: April 30, 2008 07:59 MST
Filed under: Underground, R&B

Master P Romeo

Father and son team, Master P and Romeo Miller, welcomed more than 20,000 kids to the Children's Earth Day festival on Sunday (April 27) at the STAR ECO Station in Rocklin, California.

During the event, Romeo received the STAR Academics and Literacy Success Award -- their highest honor -- in recognition of his academic achievements, commitment to the community, and his efforts in helping educate children worldwide. His father, Percy Miller (aka Master P), was honored as well, by receiving the STAR Ambassador of Education Award for his advocacy of education and social responsibility.

The 18-year-old rapper/basketball player, with the help of his dad, also introduced Gee Gee the Magical Giraffe, the main character of an educational children's book and cartoon developed by Romeo and created by his 8-year-old sister Itali Miller. They have been plans to make Gee Gee the next branded character among children, via coloring books, cartoons and even clothing.

"Gee Gee gonna be everything. Gee Gee gonna be rapping ABCs, he's gonna be singing 123s, just everything. We gonna have coloring books, a cartoon is coming soon, and clothing," Romeo told BallerStatus.com.

While helping to give back to the kids was exciting for Romeo, seeing his sister's creation come to life was the real reward. "She was loving it. Just being in the spotlight, seeing the character that she drew on a piece of paper coming to life, she was really excited," he said.

According to Romeo, his home life and father's guidance over the year has helped mold him into the man he's grown into today, and one main focus is helping and encouraging the kids of today since they're the future generation.

"I have a big family, a big family of kids. Kids are the future. I just wanted to do something to show the kids, you know, we do love them and we do this for them," Romeo explained to BallerStatus. "[My dad and I] just wanna show the kids that we wanna make a difference and make a change. It's starts with ya'll and it started right there. We just wanted show them, it's ok to be yourself, be young and have fun.

"If you reach kids with a positive message and instill the importance of education when they're young, they'll have that mentality for the rest of their life," he further explained in a statement. "Even though I'm growing up, I still love the kids -- everything I do is for the development of young minds."

Itali will write the books, while top cartoonists, Ryan Hutchinson and Olatokunbo Betiku, who will animate the series.

While Romeo prepares himself for USC in the fall, Gee Gee will be go on tour, stopping at schools, community centers, theatres, shopping malls, amusement parks, and TV stations.

The cartoon on DVD, and a film is slated for 2009. For further information on the new character, visit GeeGeeGiraffe.com.

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