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2 Pistols Says He's No One Hit Wonder
Contributed by: Anthony Roberts
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: May 1, 2008 06:37 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground

2 Pistols

Riding the success of his T-Pain assisted single "She Got It," 2 Pistols is out to prove that he's got more hits under his belt. SOHH caught up with the Florida rapper to talk about his new album, why the ladies will love his freshman effort and the ups and downs of a hustler's life.

Though thrust into the public eye seemingly overnight, the Tarpon Springs native didn't just luck up on his chance at stardom. Turning a backstage meeting with T-Pain at a radio conference into what would be his breakout single, those around the 24 year-old may have been surprised at the song's success, but not him.

"People were surprised at the response the record was getting," he said, even counting his collaborator as an initial non-believer. "[T-Pain] did the record and he knew it was hot but I don't think he knew how hot it was gonna be."

With the song building momentum for his debut album, Death Before Dishonor, Pistols seems to be in a good space. With guest spots from Young Jeezy associates Blood Raw and Slick Pulla along with Trey Songz and Ray J, the rapper says he has a fool proof formula for success by using R&B crooners to draw in the ladies.

"You're also gonna get the street side of me too," he added. "I shot in every direction and hoped to hit and I think I hit every one of my targets. I'm a commentator. On the street stuff, I been through so much. I'm like John Madden. He played in the game and now he's a commentator."

Aware of what he feels is an abundance of rappers leading fans wrong with their tales glorifying their past escapades in the drug game, 2 Pistols says that he will address his hustling past but will give listeners an accurate description of the game.

"If you're seeking knowledge in a situation from a person that's been through it, I mean a nick to a brick, that's what you'll get when you listen to me," he explained. "I'm going to tell you what I did right and what I did wrong."

And while he says he respects his new jack peers in the rap game, he feels that his work ethic and background separates him from them and will ultimately be the reason why he'll win.

"Whatever I gotta do to get it, I'm doing it. I'm not like them," he said. "They just wanna get a ringtone record, make you dance a little bit, be a trend a catch a quick dollar. Me, I listened to Biggie, Pac. I'll be here for a minute, so pay attention."

Death Before Dishonor is set to hit stores via UniversalRepublic on June 17.


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