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The Game Responds To G-Unit's "Suicide" Taunts, "Maybe I'm Not Strong Enough To Do It"
Source: sohh.com
Posted on: May 3, 2008 07:08 MST
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The Game

After The Game went public with his desire to commit suicide, Lloyd Banks urged the former G-Unit member to pull the trigger. SOHH caught up with The Game to discuss his suicidal thoughts and Banks' harsh comments.

Game revealed that there are times when he wishes himself off of the earth in a recent XXL magazine interview. However, he says, he doesn't always feel that way. "Sometimes I gotta fight off my demons myself and get lonely and sometimes [I] feel bad. That [was] how I was feeling at that point and that time," he told SOHH exclusively. "This day is a different day. I feel better on this day. I'm happier on this day."

"Game has good days and I have bad days just like everybody," he went on to say. "But you know sometimes people have people they can lean on and me I don't have anybody."

When The Game's former G-Unit group member Lloyd Banks heard about his plans to kill himself, he encouraged the west coast rapper to go through with it.

"I heard he's going to terminate himself so good luck on that," Banks told SOHH. "I predicted that, too. So, next time you in the dark and you think about blowing your noodles all over your nice little paint, just do it like Nike."

The Game found humor in Lloyd Banks comment. "Oh yeah I thought that was funny," The Game told SOHH. "I think that Lloyd Banks has got 50's hand so far up his p*ssy that he can't even think about his self."

"I just think he's 50's puppet and I think that all they do all day is just bump pussies and talk about what color to polish their nails. So, I think them the last cats that need to be talking."

Despite having his down days, The Game admits that he may not be ready to take his own life. "People that really want to commit suicide, they die. They commit suicide. So obviously maybe I'm not strong enough to do it or I'm too strong to do it or I don't know I haven't figured it out yet. But I know today is not like that day."

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