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The Game Predicts Next G-Unit Dropout, Discusses Suge Knight Knockout
Contributed by: Allen Starbury
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: May 16, 2008 08:09 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground

The Game

The Game is out in New York for a promo run for his upcoming Los Angeles Times (LAX) album. Just recently, he appeared on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show, and they talked about everything.

Last time he appeared on Flex's show, he talked about the now infamous two-finger split he performed on the bootyful Vida Guerra. This time, however, he discussed numerous things -- from Buck leaving G-Unit, and the recent knockout of Suge Knight, to how he feels about the long-running beef with G-Unit.

First, he discussed Young Buck's current situation, who he said he had predicted would leave G-Unit previously ... and makes his prediction of who is next as well.

"I've been telling you Buck's the next to go for like four years, three years," Game said. "After that, it's Banks, but I don't think that Yayo will ever break they thing 'cause they got they real boo lovin' thing down. Banks is gonna be next man."

According to the Compton rapper, the reason why 50 is losing soldiers is because he is reluctant to let his artists spread their wings, which he says will ultimately result in his downfall.

"50 needs to change his ways man. Until then, you gonna see his empire dismantle itself," explained The Game. "It's like a totem pole man. Dre worked with Pac, then he found Snoop. ... Dre found Snoop, and let Snoop blow up. Look at Snoop today, Dre never stopped Snoop from blowing up. Dre had helped Snoop, and it was in good business. Then Dre found a white boy from Detroit, and he came in... Dre gave Eminem the chance to blow and they never stopped. Then they gave it to 50, and let him blow. 50 didn't pass the baton like that man. ... [50 Cent] wanted everybody to be soldiers forever, forever, forever, forever... and grow old ... That will never hold up."

As far as the beef with 50 and his G-Unit cohorts, The Game seems as though he's just about done with it, jokingly telling Flex that he thinks he's just gonna let the Unit beat him up, so they can move on.

"I never hold grudges. Curtis could call me tomorrow and we could work it out," he said. "With him, he's to the grave with it. Next time I run into them, I'mma just let them beat me up. Maybe that'll do it -- Yayo beat me up and 50 beat me up. Maybe they'll feel better... just beat me up 'cause I could take it. I ain't got no glass jaw... beat me up. I'll take it ... and then let's just end it like that."

Later on during the interview, Flex asked the rapper about the recent media blitz about Suge Knight being knocked out. While he admitted that he and the Death Row Records founder are on good terms, he said he's looking to sign the kid who knocked him out.

"He's the Knockout Kid, TMZ gave him a name. We was looking for him, we found him, and trying to sign him," said The Game on the air. "I just think you win some, you lose some ... [Suge's] not a boxer. It's not like he's Muhammad Ali, and he's been in the game and somebody finally beats you."

While the industry has labeled the knockout a blow to Knight's tough guy reputation, The Game said it's no big deal, and admitted that one day a Knockout Kid might even knock him out if he doesn't respect the new kids coming up in the game.

"Suge, back in the day, he had it locked in LA. But now, your time comes and goes, and you have to respect the new breed, and now that's me. I got L.A. locked, and 10 years later, there will be a new dude. 10 years from now, when I 40, there's gonna be a new kid and I gotta respect that dude. Hopefully, the Knockout Kid's little brother don't hit me or something ... or step to me. I don't want no problems with the Knockout Kid.

"I just know everybody gots a chin, and when hit in the right place, you go down," he continued.

To listen to most of the interview in audio, visit MissInfo.tv.

The Game's gearing up for the release of his third album, LAX, which hits stores July 8th.
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