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C-Murder To Return With First Studio Album In Five Years
Contributed by: Ronnie Gamble
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: May 23, 2008 05:09 MST
Filed under: Rap, Underground


Despite journeying down a bumpy road the last few years, C-Murder is ready to make a return musically.

The New Orleans rapper recently revealed plans to release his first studio album in five years, titled Screamin' 4 Vengeance. It will be his first via a new deal through Asylum Records for his TRU Records.

The new release will continue as a chapter in his troublous life from the past few years, following up his previous release Truest Sh** I Ever Said and the novel, Death Around The Corner. And just like these two projects, this album will be just as personal, said the rapper.

"This album is going to be very personal," C-Murder insisted. "It's gonna be an open book on my trials and tribulations. Current events, things I've been going through, letting the world get it raw.

"Everything ain't gutter about the album though, because at the end of the day its got a message. It ain't about go bang this and that, it's just a raw album about life and what's going on out here. At the end of the day, the end of the beat, you get the message that the streets ain't what's really popping," he continued.

With a new team and attitude in place, C-Murder says he's upped his skills, insisting that without label deadlines and being album to call his own shots, the quality of his material is "on another level."

"My lyrical content and subject matter on another level," the rapper said. "You can hear my confidence now, I can flow on any track now. Earlier in my career, it was easy to do two or three songs a day because I was saying the same things. But this time around, it's more universal, everything ain't gonna be the same. I had time to really work on this album and perfect it."

That notion is evident throughout Screamin' For Vengeance. Tracks like "My Set," produced by Baton Rouge underground legend C-Loc, will remind hardcore C-Murder fans of what made them make each of his first three albums platinum, while "Be Fresh" shows C-Murder in rare form actually appreciating the good things in life after a hard day's work. On "Mihita," he reunites him with former label mate Mia X, and "Gangstafied Lyrics" has C-Murder giving a sermon on street life.

According to C-Murder, he's bringing the street element back to the music, but makes clear that it will not include all the clichés of today such as bling and cars.

"I'm just trying to bring that 100% street element back to music. You're not gonna hear me talking about driving this whip with 22s or anything like that," C-Murder explains. "You're gonna hear real situations. This is my first studio album in a minute, so I have to give it my all."

One of the album's tracks can be streamed via C-Murder's official Myspace. The track is called "On False Move" featuring Akon.

Screamin’ 4 Vengeance is slated for release July 1.
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