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Ghostface Calls Out Wu-Tang Over Release Date Mix-up, �It's A Battle Right Now�
Contributed by: Black widow
Source: sixshot.com/
Posted on: October 15, 2007 03:51 MST
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Ghostface Killah

Things aren't all good with The Wu-Tang Clan.

With their highly anticipated reunion album weeks away from release, Wu member Ghostface recently revealed his frustration with the group's choice to drop 8 Diagrams on the same day as his upcoming solo album, Big Dough Rehab.

Ghost tells MTV's Mixtape Monday that he already scheduled December 4th as the release date for Big Dough Rehab months before 8 Diagrams' release date was pushed back to the same date.

Ghost claims that the inability of his Wu-brethren to consistently get together to put 8 Diagrams together caused the album to be pushed back.

The rapper is also fuming at the fact that he wasn't paid for his summer tours with the Clan, which he also feels slowed down the completion of Big Dough Rehab.

"I had December 4 for the longest," Ghost explained. "But the Wu album, brothers was kinda late on doing whatever they were doing and pushed it back ... on my date. You can put this in there, I'm not [mad at] all the members. It's not based on the members, but the hierarchy at Wu-Tang Clan is on some bullshit".

"They trying to f--- around and make me push my album back and doing all this. But n---as ain't f---ing around or give us money when we did them Wu-Tang tours," he continued. "The first one, they paid us after a while, but this last one, n---as is holding onto a lot of money. And [they're] upset based on that. It's a battle right now."

Ghost did not reveal who the G>Wu Tang hierarchy are but he did claim that Steve Rifkin, CEO of Loud Records, which will be releasing the Wu album, tried to persuade excecs to halt the release of Big Dough Rehab.

"The Big Dough Rehab is my album, 8 Diagrams is their album," Ghost emphasized. "But it ain't got nothing to do with the regular members.'Cause I love Raekwon, Masta Killa, U-God, Genius, all them. But it's on right now."

"N---as better pay my f---ing money," he stressed. "Matter of fact, they can keep the money - just get me out of their life right now. They can keep that money, it's all good now. I don't even wanna talk about it no more."

Ghost revealed he has only appeared on a handful on track on 8 Diagrams.

On the same day that Ghost drops Big Dough Rehab, the rapper will release a book titled The World According to Pretty Toney. The book was inspired by his popular MTV2 skits and will give readers advice from everything from gambling to education.

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