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Nina Sky - Show & Prove
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Posted on: December 6, 2007 08:14 MST
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Nina Sky

Meeting Nina Sky was reminiscent of hanging out with two girls from the block. Just kicking it and talking about life. No cockiness or arrogance, just a fun and blunt conversation amongst friends. Upon meeting them it is easy to see why these twins have been able to work with so many different artists; they are genuine women with undisputable talents.

Nina Sky stomped onto the music game in 2004 with their top 5 smash "Move Ya Body." The name Nina Sky comes from the first two letter of each of their names: Ni for Nicole and Na for Natalie and the Sky as their limit. These sisters got their start after they auditioned for the production team the Jettsonz. The Jettsonz then introduced the ladies to Cipha Sounds. Cipha, a DJ at Hot 97 in New York suggested that Nina Sky write a song to the dancehall reggae "Coolie Dance Riddim". Once "Move Ya Body" was completed, they were taken to Next Plateau/Universal, who quickly signed them.

After the release of their self-titled debut album, the duo appeared on one hit single after another. From N.O.R.E.'s 2005 summer anthem "Oye Mi Canto" to the hip hop heavy "Hold You Down" collabo with Alchemist and Prodigy. Hailing from Queens, NY, these ladies have been hustling ever since their first single hit the radio. Many critics may have written them off as a "one hit wonder," but Nina Sky has been touring the world and gaining fans all across the globe.

Nina Sky QuoteNow with a new record deal and new album in the works, these talented ladies are out to show and prove. The new album titled, The Musical is scheduled to hit stores in the first quarter of 2008. They have already worked with Scott Storch, Cool and Dre, Cipha Sounds, Ryan Leslie, Rick Ross and Trey Songz for this new album.


Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me about "Things You Do" with Red Café and DJ Envy. How did it come about?

Nicole : Well, DJ Envy has been a friend of the family for a while. We put out "Move Ya Body" he supported us. He works at Hot 97. Cipha Sounds who co-manages us, he works for Hot 97 as well. So he sent us the song and it had the chorus on, it was already written. It had some other stuff on it. We wrote the verse after we heard the song. We loved it; it's a remake of an older track (think Gina Thompson's 1997 hit, Things That You Do featuring Missy Elliott). It's fire; we love it.

Nobodysmiling.com : Critics like to put your music in a box, how would you describe the music that you make?

Natalie : We've experimented with a lot of music. We came out, we did "Move Ya Body," which is reggae influenced. After that we came out with "Turnin' Me On" which is also a reggae influenced song. We did "Oye Mi Canto" which is reggaeton. Our first album was very R&B, hip-hop, pop influenced, but we like to experiment with all different kinds of music.

Nicole : If you listen to Nina Sky we did everything from "Move Ya Body" to "Things You Do" with Red Café; we did "Hold You Down" with Alchemist. We just did another song with Alchemist called "Key to the City" and it also features Prodigy for his album. We did a song with Aventura; we did a song with Sean Paul. We never limit ourselves because we embrace all genres of music.

Natalie : I think our sound is very eclectic. We don't mind trying new sounds or experimenting.

Nobodysmiling.com : Who are some of your musical influences?

Natalie : We love Lauryn Hill, The Polic...(continued below)
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e, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey...

Nicole : Madonna, Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper. We listen to everything. There is no genre of music that we don't listen to. There is no artist that we don't dig. We love music.

Nobodysmiling.com : Nicole, tell me about your deejaying? How often do you get chance to do it?

Nicole : Recently I've been spinning a little bit more. We just came back from Europe; we were actually on tour there for 9 days. I was dee jaying, Natalie was emceeing. So we do the DJ duo thing oversees. In the city, I DJ here and there at spot dates; the main focus is Nina Sky and our new album. We just signed a deal to J Records/Polo Grounds. So we are really excited about that and that's the main focus. I DJ when I can. I have been deejaying since I was thirteen and I continue to DJ. We do it all over.

Nobodysmiling.com : Is there any cut that you like to play to get the party going?

Nicole : I like to play everything. I play all different types of genres. One record that always works is "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe. Always works, no matter where you are, people know it.

Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me how the seemingly overnight success of "Move Ya Body" changed your life?

Natalie : After "Move Ya Body" we put out our first album. We toured the whole world and have been almost everywhere besides Japan and Australia, a few places in Europe. We basically started living our dreams.

Nicole : We were two girls straight from high school and we hadn't experienced much in our lives up to that point except we both were starting college. After that we put out this song that exploded; we traveled the world and we went from living with our mom to living on our own.

Natalie : And working with mad other artists that we admired. N.O.R.E was someone that we grew up listening to. He's from Queens; we're from. We ended up doing "Oye Mi Canto". Working with the Alchemist, working with Sean Paul, Aventura, Ivy Queen.

Nicole : That song spawned all of this.

Nobodysmiling.com : What was it like when you first went back to Queens after the single dropped?

Nicole : We never left Queens. It's not about going back. We love Queens; we're Queens' girls.

Natalie : We get mad love out there.

Nobodysmiling.com : Let's talk about the new album. How did you come up with the title The Musical?

Natalie : The reason we named our new album The Musical is because a musical is a big production and we feel like our album is a big production. In a musical you have to find the right writers, the right producers, the right actors and we really tried to do that with our album. Find the right writers to work with the right producers to co-produce with and really put out this big production.

Nicole : We felt like the first album was a draft for this bigger production.

Natalie : We are really inspired by musicals; our favorite movie is West Side Story.

Nobodysmiling.com : Any acting in the future?

Nicole : We are artistic women and we love to write, we love to sing. Acting is definitely something we'd love to do. Right now the main focus is this album. We are really excited. Just signed to Polo Grounds/J Records and we feel like a lot of big things are about to happen. This is gonna open even more doors. We're excited.

Nobodysmiling.com : Was the other name of the album supposed to be The Reel?

Natalie : The Reel is a song that is on the album produced by Ryan Leslie. It's a dope song.

Nicole : In the beginning we were throwing around so many titles, but once we really thought about it, The Musical just fit.

Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me about the artists on the album that you worked with, like Trey Songz. Rick Ross. Did you pick them? Did they call you?

Natalie : When we did "Flippin' That" which is the song we did with Rick Ross, we were in Miami recording with Cool and Dre. He went into the studio, heard the track and ended up laying down his verse on it. We didn't get to work with him on it. We did work with him after; we did a few shows with him. He's really dope.

Nicole : With Trey Songz, we had done a song and Cipha Sounds and Solitaire produced it and he heard it with someone else on it. He has a relationship with Trey Songz. He brought him in, he listened to it. He laid down his part he wrote and that is how that collaboration happened. But we're starting a new now because we just resigned. We're gonna be recording more stuff and we're gonna be working with more artists and more producers. I'm sure the next time we talk to you we'll have a completely different roster of people that we've worked with because we're on this new label now. So we're exited about that too.

Nobodysmiling.com : What led you to Polo Grounds/J Records?

Nicole : When we were at Universal, we felt really disconnected from everything that was going on. Everything happened so fast after "Move Ya Body", but we felt like after that, they weren't really following what we were doing. It was hard for them to stay connected with us. We didn't feel like they really understood what we were trying to do. So we asked to be released from that deal. We were then approached by Brian Leech of Polo Grounds and it seemed like he really understood our vision. It felt like we could make the album that we wanted. We played him the same songs we played for the people at Universal Republic and they were unmoved. We played them for Brian Leech and he understood. It felt like it was meant to be. We are so excited to be in this new deal.

Nobodysmiling.com : You said you recorded over 100 songs for the album, do you have a final list?

Natalie : We don't have a final list yet. When we thought we were done working on the album we tried to narrow it down. We finally got down to like 25 songs. We still didn't narrow it down to 12 or 13.

Nicole : We're starting to record a lot now, so we don't know.

Nobodysmiling.com : Tell me about the mixtape La Conexion, what inspired you?

Natalie : Well it's a Latin mixtape. We always wanted to do a Spanish album and we didn't have the opportunity to, so we put out the mixtape album. We flew to Puerto Rico for a few days and worked with Ivy Queen, Yaga y Mackie, the Luny Tunes.

Nicole : We worked with so many people. We couldn't put out an album at that time because we were in a deal with Universal. So we recorded all this music and we just called it a mixtape, but what is really was was a Spanish album.

Natalie : Which got over 100,000 downloads online.

Nobodysmiling.com : Do you think you would do anything like that in the future?

Nicole : We definitely want to put out a Spanish album. We're Latinas and we embrace being Latina so it would be dope to put out an album for all our Latino fans.

Nobodysmiling.com : You seem to be touring non-stop; does it ever get old?

Nicole : Hell no it doesn't get old!

Natalie : This is what we love to do. We love doing music and we're together.

Nicole : This is our hobby and we're getting paid to do our hobby; that's amazing! We just feel blessed every day to be on tour. We feel blessed to be here; we feel blessed when we go away for a month from our family. We miss them, but it's a blessing to do what you love.

Natalie : It makes it easier to be working.

Nobodysmiling.com : Are there any other siblings?

Natalie : Yeah we have 3 other siblings?

Nobodysmiling.com : What is the best advice you can give to someone starting in the music business?

Natalie : Stay focused; never give up. I think that everything is possible. Our thing is dream big. If you dream it, you can do it.

Nicole : And we're living proof of that. We're two girls from Queens who got an album out. We still have a lot more to achieve, but we're headed in that direction.

Nobodysmiling.com : Your name translates into reaching the sky, have you reached that pinnacle yet?

Nicole : This is just the beginning. This is only our second album. We have like 15 more to go. At least 15.

Nobodysmiling.com : Is there any artist that you would want to work with living or dead?

Nicole : We are big Police fan. We would love to work with Sting.

Natalie : Outkast, they are our favorite duo. And dead, Bob Marley.

Nicole : We're huge Bob Marley fans.

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