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Vanessa Simmons: Not Just Daddy's Little Girl
Contributed by: La'Juanda Knight
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: February 27, 2008 09:40 MST
Filed under: Rap, Celebs

Vanessa Simmons

When you think daughter of mogul, you automatically think lazy, spoiled, bitch right? Especially with the examples we have running around -- Paris, Nicole, the Kardashians, etc. When you see Reverend Run's kids, you might think spoiled and wanna hate right off the bat, but you definitely can't call them lazy.

The oldest daughter, Vanessa Simmons, at 24 has managed to make a wave in fashion with her sneaker line, television with her family broadcasting her life, and now with acting. With the recent news about her next film in which rumors have been circulating about a nude scene, you have to take her seriously as an actress.

Ms. Simmons claims that there are going to be some big things happening in her acting career and that we should get accustomed to seeing her face, not just on the small screen and in plays, but on the big screen. Lastly, respect her hustle.

BallerStatus.com: Talk about the play you are in and the character you are portraying.

Vanessa: It's a play about rappers taking over the world of acting, taking all of the roles from actors. I play Little T. She is a female rapper. She gets into acting and the actors kidnap the rappers. It's a really funny play. I am very proud of the character I created with Little T. She is so different from who I am. I am very suburban. She is so different.

BallerStatus.com: She is more street smart than you and tougher?

Vanessa: She is a lot tougher. I did my research, so my strategy in creating her was looking up different female rappers -- Lil Kim, Eve, Trina.

BallerStatus.com: You were also on a soap opera this summer, which one did you prefer better?

Vanessa: They were both great experiences. I think the soap opera helped me. The soap opera atmosphere is fast paced and so is the play. With the play, it's not like I can get on stage and mess up and they can yell cut and I can do it again. We have to go straight through, which is what makes stage acting the rawest form of acting there is. It has taught me not to take myself so seriously. Being in a cast of such great people, all the people are so amazing. It's going to make me the best actress I can be in the future. It has been a great experience and I am very proud of the final project we have. People that come out to see it won't regret it. It's hilarious.

BallerStatus.com: You're a very busy woman. You have the sneaker line, you act, and you have "Run's House." When do you find time to date or have fun?

Vanessa: I am 24 years old and I have very high expectations of myself. I have goals, but I do have time to have fun. I go out. I hang out, but I know when to bring it back home and get focused. I think that's very important. Being in this play has definitely aided to that. It shows how serious it is. It's also a lot of fun. I get to do it all. I am a very lucky little girl. I'm very privileged. I don't deny that I am. This is what's fun to me. Work is like my drug. I love doing it and being in this play. It's not something that I regret at all and it is going to aide to the longevity of my acting career. It helped me bring things out that I knew I could bring out of me.

BallerStatus.com: Do you consider the opinion of your family when you are choosing projects? What are your deciding factors?

Vanessa: (repeats question to herself) I have to love the script. When I do decide on characters, there are a lot of different factors that go into it. Number one, the respect that I have for myself and my family and the image we have. A lot of people do look up to me and my sister. We are official Girl Scout role models. I do take that into factor. I don't believe that every role is for everybody. At the same time, I do take my career as an actress seriously and so do my parents. They support me in every endeavor. If I say "I want to fly to the moon tomorrow," they are going to be like "Okay, what's your objective?" They believe in any role that I have has a purpose. If its something that happens from it that isn't good, then they are like "Okay so what did you learn from it?" That's how they allow me to grow. I'm so excited. As soon as I get off the phone with all of you guys, I have to prepare. I'm so excited.

BallerStatus.com: When you get through wrapping up the play and making business moves, what is the first thing you're going to do as far as having fun?

Vanessa: Well right after I wrap up, I go to prepare for another project. You guys can expect to see me on the big screen really soon. But after all of that, me and Angela are going to take a long week and half to a few weeks vacation. We don't know where yet, but we like having that quality sister time.

BallerStatus.com: That's always good to relax. I want to ask you as question that I'm sure the fellas want to know. What do you like in a man?

Vanessa: Someone that can make me laugh in my downtime. Someone that supports my dreams and aspirations as much as my parents do. Someone I can chill and watch a movie. I'm a home body when I finish work. I like to sit at home and drink hot chocolate. I love when it snows. Someone who can help me study my scripts and I can help him and we can aide each other.

BallerStatus.com: Tell me something about you that people may not know from seeing you on TV?

Vanessa: I think that a lot of people wouldn't think that I would take this role as Little T because she is so different from me. I think that people have not seen the last of me as far as acting.

BallerStatus.com: Do you think that people underestimate your talent?

Vanessa: I think that people do underestimate my power and my talent. It is the beginning for me.
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