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Mickey Avalon: Real Hollywood
Contributed by: CZA
Source: ballerstatus.com
Posted on: February 29, 2008 07:43 MST
Filed under: Rap

Mickey Avalon

Mickey Avalon is enigmatic to be sure. His less-than-gloried past isn't one many make it through, much less talk about as openly as he does. He's the type that the daughter wants a fling with and her father wants to buy drugs from. Yes, he's white and appears un-rapper-like, but the chances are good that he's more adept than your favorite run-o-the-mill MC, an idea his growing fan base would agree upon.

His self-titled opus covered topics that would either make you laugh, cry or want to ask him, "What have you been smoking?" Everything from male prostitution to the coked out underbelly of the ultra-glamorized Hollywood lifestyle was presented in a sometimes cynical, but always thoughtful and honest point of view that only someone who's walked the Sunset Strip could provide. Armed with a new album on the way, backed by Interscope, Mickey is ready to explain to the world what the oxymoron "real Hollywood" means. Now go check on your daughter.

BallerStatus.com: Give us a little background info on Mickey Avalon as a whole. Most might only know you from the Boost Mobile 2.0 commercial with Jermaine Dupri and Young Jeezy.

Mickey Avalon: I'm an artist on Shoot to Kill Records. Along with Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy, we started a group called the Dyslexic Speed readers. Basically, we wanted to make music that we wanted to hear because music was just so... cookie cutter and unoriginal, you know? We had been around music all our lives and just started doing it for fun and hooked up with some people who made beats, made a demo that didn't do anything, got married, had a kid and moved away. I did that for a while and then came back and hooked back up with the guys to make the kind of music we wanted to make. At that time, I lived in a halfway house and had to be home by midnight, so I didn't know that Dirt was passing our music out at the clubs. A management company got one of the CDs and called me up. I was a little confused about what a manager does -- I worked at a pizza shop and the manager paid me. In music, it's the other way around; they get like 50%. We worked out a deal and I just started recording like crazy. We [Shoot to Kill Records] put out the record ourselves, played a sold-out show at the Roxy and Interscope bought the record.

BallerStatus.com: Tell us about your record you have out currently.

Mickey Avalon: The one I have out now is called Mickey Avalon and it's pretty autobiographical about me and my city, and what goes on when the spotlights go off. The same could be applied to every city in America underneath its glitzy façade, from the Skid Rows to the fake nose. It's a part of me, so I talk about it. People call it "alternative rap," but I just rap over beats. It's as simple as that. There's a lot of dark humor on the album, a lot of risqué moments that'll keep you entertained.

BallerStatus.com: Who are you or have you worked with production-wise?

Mickey Avalon: I've been working with several new producers lately, like this one cat named Dr. Luke who made a bunch of hit records last year. I look forward to working more with Jermaine Dupri and Travis Barker for a bit. If a producer called me up instead of the label calling them and asking for a "biscuit," I wouldn't have a problem working with anyone. I'd rather mess with a kid with no name with hot beats than a big time producer who got trash. Most of these big time producers don't even do their own beats anyway.

BallerStatus.com: You were on an episode of Paris Hilton's show ("The Simple Life") a while back. How'd that go down?

Mickey Avalon: At first I wasn't with that because it wasn't my style. I thought about it and thought about how many people would see me because of it and was like, "Hell yeah!" They wanted me to play "Jane Fonda" at the reception, but I wanted to play "Friends & Lovers", you know -- "All my friends / and all my lovers are / DEAD." It turned out to be a lesbian wedding and it was just a really dope experience all around.

BallerStatus.com: Have yet met resistance because of your subject matter or your appearance?

Mickey Avalon: Really no more than the usual hate mail on Myspace or double looks. I poke more fun at myself than anyone else and most people I've met have understood what I'm about and we work out fine. I have a strong tolerance to ridicule, and it really doesn't matter what someone says about me to me at all. When I was a kid, I was trying to get my yellow belt [in karate] when my pants fell down. I didn't trip, I finished the battle and kicked the kid in the head.

BallerStatus.com: How'd you hook up with Boost Mobile?

Mickey Avalon: They called me, and asked me to jump on it with J.D. and Jeezy. It turned out to be a dope song. My vocals ended up being short on the commercial, but they shot another 9-second ad with more of my lyrics in it. I think they want to save that one for later. People can hear the full version up on my MySpace page.

BallerStatus.com: When's your next album coming out?

Mickey Avalon: Soon, hopefully. Maybe in April, May or June.

For more on Mickey Avalon's, visit him on MySpace at MySpace.com/MickeyAvalon.

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