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Jazz Addixx interview
Contributed by: D.J. Fisher
Posted on: July 22, 2007 09:09 MST
Filed under: Rap

jazz addixx

Please introduce yourself?

Ragz: What's up everyone? I'm DJ Ragz, a member of the Jazz Addixx and Soul Expansion. Both Jazz Addixx and Soul Expansion are comprised of myself and M.U.D.D. who is my Emcee/Producer. I was featured twice on Return of The DJ'S (Bombhiphop.com). Over the years I have done numerous battles and live shows. I rep the Muzik Fiendz/ Crate Invaders/ Timeless Daimyo/ The Embassy/ Bomb Hip Hop and mos def Domination Recordings!

On a personal note I like long walks on the beach holding hands with a woman...Ha Ha, I'm messin. In my free time I like to do things that get me away from the music stuff for awhile. I like to golf, spend time with my amazing daughter coloring, or have brews with the fellas while listening to some good hip hop.

Mudd: Greetings family I'm Mudd -- 1/2 of the duo JazzAddixx / 1/2 of the duo SoulExpansion along with Dj Ragz / and also 1/2 of the duo Tomorrow's Yesterday along with the Unknown.

From where?

Ragz: Originally from Roseville, California but I now reside in Alexandria, Virginia right outside of D.C.

Mudd: I'm originally from Chicago but I've lived in VA for the last 15 years of my life so I rep for VA and the whole metropolitan area (DC, Maryland and VA).

Music influences?

Ragz: This is kinda of a combo, I would have to say as for DJ influences it would be Jazzy Jeff, Magic Mike, Dj Aladdin, Mixmaster Mike. Music Influences I would of course go with J Dilla. Also, Pete Rock, The Hit Squad, Spinna, Evil Dee man there are so many dope producers out now, I could go on all day.

Mudd: Wow, way too many to name but I can start with Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson ( the black version ) George Duke, Ahmad Jamal, Bobby Hutcherson, the Mizell brothers, -- Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, J Dilla (r.i.p.) Soul Brother Pete Rock, and of course DJ Ragz.

Debut appearance?

Ragz: Funny story, my first battle was in 1995 at Howard University and I battled DJ LS1 of Onyx at the time and Ghetto. They wiped the floor with everyone then I went on and got booed so I ended my set. DJ Ghetto and LS1 told me after the set that I had some "great techniques" and to "not get frustrated and stay with it". I took that advice and came back the next year and won runner-up. A couple years later I was a Finalist in the 1997 West DMC's so I owe them a big thank you for keeping my head up.

Mudd: Well as far as my official debut - - ( not counting rippin it at local parties as a teenager ). I would say on a compilation album called the "Storm Watch" around 2000.

What have you released so far?

Ragz: I have released tons of dope mixtapes but the big releases to me are as follows: Bare Bones Battle Breaks 1, 2 and 3, The Embassy "The Vault" Compilation CD, Return of the Dj's 5 and 5.5, Jazz Hop Mix, Blind Opticz - Illumination, Born Unique just dropped a 12" and I'm on the flipside doing cuts for "Mind Ya Business", Project Reach - DutchMassive.

Mudd: I've been on several mixtapes - Invisible Flow, Moon Patrol, Alpha to Omega,the Vault, etc...but I also produced and guest appeared on a crew called the Blind Opticz's joint Illumination - I produced the entire joint and rhymed on one track. Also trying to finalize things for the official Domination release (good lookin out)of the Jazz Addixx album "Oxygen" featuring myself and DJ RAGZ.

Do you produce?

Ragz: I produced the Battle Records and just recently started producing a lot more. I have been producing tracks for the Emcees in my crew and I am going to start getting some beat CD's out there to the Emcees. I have produced a couple tracks on the Jazz Addixx "Oxygen" album which is soon to be released under Domination Recordings. My boy Primo The Cinematic has an album dropping (Contemporary Classic) where I produced about five of the tracks on it.

Mudd: I produced about 95% of the JazzAddixx album and a majority of the Vault mixtape from my crew the Embassy clic... anybody need beats? ( shameless,I know! ).

Best moment for you in hip hop?

Ragz: You know, I would like to say there is this one major accomplishment that stands out, but Hip Hop keeps giving back to me all the time, and I think its because I put nothing but love into it. I don't portray myself to any certain images other than just being me. For example, I was performing a Jazz Addixx set at Storm's album release party and I had a DJ solo during the show. When I was done there was a kid that asked his mom to buy him a record because he "wants to be a DJ". It's hard not get emotional when you hear a story like that. So it's not one defining moment of what I have done but how I have touched others. Hip Hop touches me in the same way and I'm grateful that I am able to be part of it. Somewhere there is someone listening to your music, so my advice is to make it the best you can. I never make something just to put out an album, I make it because I love it and put my heart in it. I hope that when people hear my albums they can hear the heart that went into it and when they do, that's a great Hip Hop moment.

Mudd: Best moment for me in hiphop was...... the first time I heard it!! Nah, I would have to say when the "Self Destruction" joint dropped. oh yeah also the first time I heard "The Symphony" by the Juice Crew - those joints were inspiring.

Any plans for a tour or shows in the near future?

Ragz: I've been doing a lot of local shows in the Washington DC/Virginia area. But, I would love to get a European tour happening. Right now I'm really motivated and I'm supported by the best people in the world. I really want to press this issue hard and make something larger happen. I'm tired of a 9-5 job. You artists know how hard it is to come home after a 9 to 5 and be productive.

Mudd: As far as shows, just local joints in Richmond, VA, DC, Fredericksburg - - keepin the local support alive while waiting to come out swingin with the album.

What's next?

Ragz: Next is the Jazz Addixx release of Oxygen on the Domination label. Myself and M.U.D.D. are also working on our Soul Expansion Project and really cant wait for that final product. I just re-launched a the updated djragz.com site with all new content and some samples of our work. Right now there are several little projects and mixes I've been working on. I've been working on a project that I guarantee, once it's done (D.J. Fisher knows what I'm talking about), The Mix Tape will be introduced to a whole new concept that has yet to be done. People will def copy it-just remember who started it. There are some other great projects too, but they are too far "down the road" for a mention.

Mudd: Promoting the Oxygen joint, continuing working on the Soul Expansion album with Ragz, working on the Tomorrow's Yesterday joint with the Unknown and countless beat cds and compilations... y'all check for all of it.

Shout outs?

Ragz: O yeah man, Dutch Massive even though he never mails me beats, Will Widdoss (spelling?), OUO, Storm the Unpredictable, The Embassy Click, St Mic, Dj Skruff, D.J. Fisher, Mackner (thanks for jumping my car this am), Dj Wrekless, Laze, A Sik 1, Unknown, Dj ReRock, T Dawg, Born Unique, Dj Kaos, SHMeghan, Lil Ragz, Cam One, Tamu, and Tittsworth... The list can go on and on...I just would like to thank people for being so supportive and positive. If I left anyone off it is not intentional, I appreciate and have mad respect for anyone that's ever helped me with allowing me to do what I love most, Hip Hop.

Mudd: For sure -- my crew the Emabassy which is Primo the Cinematic ( dope for sure ) HeadStruck / Blind Opticz, Ollie Stones, Jon Jon and Flaco, St. Mic at Timeless Daimyo. Peace to my wife Jessica, my man the Unknown , Dr. Becket, all the true school heads, D.J. Fisher at Domination for giving us a shot and DutchMassive.

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