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Majik Most interview
Contributed by: D.J. Fisher
Posted on: July 22, 2007 09:32 MST
Filed under: Rap

majik most

Welcome back Majik!
What up! Thanks for having me back! I never thought I would be here again after that caulk gun prank went over so bad!

So what have you been doing since "Molesting Hip Hop"?
Protecting the Atlantic Hawksbill turtle from extinction by growing an indestructible sub species of Phylum Porifera sea sponge in my bathtub and redistributing it into shallow lagoons and coral reefs off the coast of Florida. Also, just chillin too ya know! Oh and I got hair extensions on my chest.

Now your back with a new album?
Yep that's right! "You Got Jokes?!" - coming soon - it's one of the dopest albums ever in hip hop (that was conceived by Majik Most) It's the most fun your ever gonna have listening to music. There's beats and rhymes from a lot of dope people like Celph Titled, Apathy, 45 King, Louis Logic, J-Zone, Dutch Massive, plus Domination Recordings own artists; PFM and Laws.

What will be your first single from "You Got Jokes?!"
The first single I plan on unleashing on kids is this certified bang your face off joint called "Back on the Map" Produced by Celph Titled and featuring Celph Titled and Dutch Massive.

Overall, what is your favorite track from the album?
This joint I did called "Nature Boy (Abusin' Animals)" is def my favorite right now. It's ill.

Will you be shooting any new videos?
I'll shoot your grandma in the titty with a blow dart gun purchased from an Alabama flea market bargain bin.

So people want to know, what's the possibility of a Equilibrium reunion?
Probably pretty good if you were to setup some kind of barbeque with a cake and some party hats. I know Celph would def show up for that reunion.

What is more popular now, your myspace page or website?
It's hard to tell cause all kinds of weirdoes, transvestites, spam men, and fake rappers come through my space. It's hard to go by the numbers on my space profiles. True fans of Majik Most always stop by http://www.majikmost.com/ from time to time. It's world famous ya know!

Any plans for some shows this year?
Well, I wrote part of a pilot for a TV show pitched to the Food Network called "The Taste Buds". It was a comedy / informative food themed show. The host and his sidekick traveled to different Restaurants and cuisine related locales around the world making corny food jokes.

Shout outs?
Naw man those are really out of style now! http://www.majikmost.com/ www.myspace.com/majikmost
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