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Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)
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Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/21/10 10:03:43 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

woa dude ya just stepped on my floor with muddy shoes now drastic gets chewed
white meat spewed from my chin, stop rappin all you are is a verbal slasher movie
no real reality about you, and you think you got clout too? that pattern is see-through
your out the sequel, you know your not my equal, you'll spend your whole life veiwing people from a peephole- im evil your fecal.

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/21/10 08:34:21 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

the starr? yea right you've been trippin so far not to mention your apprehension puts that little mind in a jar for detention
you aint wrenhing no balls, or makin no shows and the only seats peeps would sit is in the nose bleeds slumping down low
yo i know your a tyrant at times slaying violent with the words so your next assignment is planet alignment so you can fly like the birds
and shit turds down on the herds of those nerds who can only act sarcatic... drastic tactics, that ones for you so you got something to bite when you scream at me dude
so get clued in, chewed in all types of ways to the root end, those tactics will not defend your plexiglass pretend
your fun stuff to mend like, play-DOH! thats your motto, i comprehend as plato at fullauto bravado, a deadeyed desperato
guided across the stars by my own shadow

Author:  b.p. [ 12/22/10 08:45:36 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

heckled the jeckel please, faggot ease off the nutsack
enough of the fuss back, raise off bruise knees and saunter to your next suckle depot
Come of age boy scout riffin' dumb shit "this is how we-blo"
PUssy intellectual, thesaurus rhymer
filler stupid spit track denture generic alzheimers,
man fuck your word block
quick to slap the taste and gingivitis symptoms out your verb stock
it's inevitably simple, shit, the way I put it makes lamens terms seem complex
You in way over your head, the Pattern is twice-nice the weighted exponential value to crush your neck
too big to be fucked wit', stupid, you jabbing giants with weakling things
Steady saying you spittin' is like talking hard while shooting out pink silly strings
Or standing in a gym and trying to kick game
You got no balls to battle anyone good, so you stay rapping to these lames
which conjoins the next point, sit quietly as I similarly measure him
this puck-ass drastics flashin' weapons,
but none could lesson pattern's poison pen
With four lines mastered I'll plaster his bounty's worth
Never mind, I just improvise the hurt, surmise the jerk should just walk straight into the herse...

Author:  Drastic Tactics [ 12/22/10 11:45:36 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

I guess there is no more bar limit, these idiots dont pay attention
B.P Claims hes hard, but pays other cats so that he ensures he stays protected
But my game is reckless, I've done came and slained your brethren
Now we're face to face, cant hide behind your boys, now this lame is stressin
I've always came with the same projection, but you never learned to move
Thats why "Getting smashed my drastic" is the only reason they've heard of you
They look at you and laugh, thinking in there head " dude he murdered you! "

Author:  b.p. [ 12/23/10 08:50:13 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

C'mon now Drastic you stepping after a first round knock out is just tragic
First fully recover that jaw bone shattered glass kit, been replaced with somethin' plastic
Rattlin' off at the jibs like you won't get teeth pushed back, shit
I'll oblige your grief and reiterate a brief look back
Split skulls and domes adorn the door steps where I roam
While you imitate styles rooted wit' inner-self clones
No place for faggot asses that can't get they shit straight to implement a mastered tactic
You walk your streets and swear cats fear you like some introverted fantastic magic
When the shadow creepin' behind you shatters corpreal relms announces who the real McCoy
Pull the skirt up over the bitch and smell, pinnochio twit now whose a real boy?

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/23/10 11:29:11 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

yo that wasnt fire enough now im out callin your bluff, tuff cakes.. i snuff fakes like you
ya write waste that dont deserve another readthrough, dude, b.p. your a pussy - a real squat emcee
proby thinkin you shook me, nah im comin raw since you plucked the last straw your worlds unbalanced
delusions of granduer plays your talents like a fiddle, enough to belittle cus your out here telling riddles
and i love how you piddle in your own lowlife rehearsal, upheavel of evil delights put out your lights and do the same to your people
i'll murder you where you stand and carry on cus i don't have time, you can't diss me effectively because i dont emcee
or take rap seriously, but when a drastic tactics near to me i'll rip the lil G, in script or physically, it don't mean shit to me
i should stop pulling the strings and see what you kids can be.

Author:  b.p. [ 12/24/10 10:23:41 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

what's more patheticly evident is that you not as serious, you just minglin' out ill-concieved sentences
Me too, muthafucka, I'm just better at it, puttin' more action per punch bruising individuals reciting out my predicates
The lesson of the cypher is that you not as hot as you think
You just flammable material like farts or cotton frilly laced and pink
I mean you stinkin' up the joint wit' your homo erotic,
psuedo-psycho material laced wit fake neurotics
I'm the pusher who single handedly shoved a customer over a ledge wit a whiff of da narcotic
You thought you got it, and now you the one looking rather unstable
Positive with the disease, you weak needin' sleep through the mirrors spellin' fairy tales and fables
Of how you really sick, even post it in pics
Even when you sign off you posting self portraits of your head on a pick
I'm not buying it stupid, I see straight throught the facade
You just a faggot whose feelings hurt gettin' even at losin' playing the odds
my wordplay was better from the beginning and now I'm speaking on your end
Syllabic havoc ballastic blaster scatter pieces of your trace across space with one stroke of the pen...

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/26/10 01:10:07 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

immaculately conceived, not givin you enough room to breathe
you hittin writer's blocks at every bend then your heart seizes
my cold flow put your art in the freezer, cyrogenicly left suspended
in a noose choking your disgraceful face blue, nasty platapus fucker swim home to your mother
ugly duckling, bastard too a fatherfigure, you kiss the mirror under mistletoe
i got so much hate spewing it stiffles my flow still i let the venom show
knowing b.p. walks with a dictionary because you talk like a dictionary
stringing words like its some shit i aint never heard oh god then you try an get creative
you aint made it, he's outdated, b.p.'s just a thicker woven facade yourself
sawed in half your health other half unfelt, is that all the damage delt? .. i'll belt you now like the father you never had

Author:  b.p. [ 12/26/10 02:26:58 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

Learned unscholarly upstart, possibly dominant phys-ed
Stomps out, pardon me, a probably male obnoxiously bitch-med
I'm not done, more in store for artists only in name on paper, parchment
Tear apart the subject's object and watch you devour the shit stains left on the carpet
Nonsense, the process of thought is running you ragged
Here, have a seat relax, kid
It was all a bad dream, no mad man chasing you with hatchets
Lulled into security before I bat bash-you bloody like mobs chasing a molester faggot
present the carcass to the GODS, toss your cask flacid into a barrel drum of acid
Smash joints and clash points like head to fist and leave the former missing
You would be wise to annoint punches with heat better when try to play at "dissing"...

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/26/10 08:31:18 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

ima take you on a dark journey so fix your bootstraps, bring some clean underwear.. and pray to your god
your getting kicked back down where you crawled like a dog with two limbs, muttering occult hymns
in the nest with the shakes shedding sweat like snake skins, toss a flint to your bedding ignite your upsetting life
i don't know where ya been but i can tell you where your heading, hell in a handbasket, nothing fantastic or magic
cardboard cutout amateur stature came from a tainted batch of mcdonalds snacks, flavour is what you lack
im from raw material, things you would choke on if it dropped in your cereal, so give your moms the spoon
- so i can swoon her n poon her off her feet. a diabolical beat, smashin bashin the street, flippin this geek
b.p. your passions obsolete struggling to come unique, did you ever fix the platapus beak?
your ryhmes like an antique store, im the bull thrashin your decor- not apprasied for much
ya old and your joints sore to the touch, im comin rushed witha eagle claw clutch- you cluts
stand confused hands bruised spin on your nuts for booze, hang you on a highwire like shoes
strung up now you lose, every word from yourself is a damn shame, shoulda never came or comeback
i come from the deep black like shark attacks with an aim that split facts- you compile in your senile attempts
- to drop gems on my tims when i walk at mach 10.
bitch your pussy ya toil in shameful remorse, b.p., styrofoam breakaway bubblewraps your style, twisted in tinfoil 6feet below soil
shitting on your bones till your poems spoil and your heart boils

Author:  b.p. [ 12/27/10 06:15:12 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

the truth is you no use,
speak intellect wit' dialect, off tangent
for the sake of sounding obtuse
won't have to flex any further through to end this pathetic cypher feud
simplified language dissolved your spiel with little manage
that last verse, misunderstanding, like someone's first attempt at speaking spanish
All I head wit' that rah-rah, was blah-blah-blahzay
Rip through your friviolous bullshit before stepping off to annhilate your compadres
Flip skat, dump that context from "what's next", that's drivel
Back smack your dumb rap from complex, vexxed
stressed your mess, too much will causes your slack jean piddles
Punch chests, nipples rest at attention from the ripple
Too imaginative for minds minimal, me hit you to hit floor, that simple
Flaying finger tips to "Rip" me, man please...lost issue
Your grips not strong enough to grasp the reality you too weak like toosed tissue
I've read enough of your techniques, your styles too thin
You a paper weight dervied of an stationary object proud of the dimension your in
Won't waste further punches, lunches on you, kid too much for you to fuck wit
Bit off more than you can chew, spit remains like seeds off the flesh I was munchin'

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 12/28/10 12:04:51 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

hogwash! b.p. thats dogma, i read you like a book, the author, why do you bother- to wake up and faulter
everyday you try an write lots too say, but then it gets slaughtered cus you don't grow to your full potential
thoughts put out half way like a fetus jus popping out the c-sec route, my mentals deliver like credentials
all your mics are rentals hanging round your neck tethered to a jet plane, took off in the air freestyling wit meek timing
have all you turds resigning, i find, now, b.p., a one man clown act, a diamond that never shined
your only now learning the elements that bind, atomic abolish this nonsense, living behind a fence, withered wordplay
ya display everything thats wrong in this day n age so i flip the page, you talk too much of that cutback novel illusion
you aint schooling me, you just need to be teaching yourself before you spit that act at a live mans uligy
patience is what you lack lil stack, you aint foolin me, i see im teaching you words in this roast
subconciously exposed, nil thought gone into that crap still rap from a place of contusion
don't battle me boy your gonna get shackled beaten n brusied limbs out of use, neck in a noose last breath heard in acoustic
your verse is sea sick, comedy slapstick, not funny how drastic your resistance is, served choking in plastic

speaking of drastic.. what the fuck, knew he was a poof but he literally vanished due to a x line limit he couldn't manage
probably sulking in the hospital wraped up in bandage

Author:  b.p. [ 12/30/10 07:20:36 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

Low style peddler limp fish, wit' wimp wrists
Flicking off nonsense still wit that simp shit, blow me
Popping up in cyphas dis-spelling a dis like you know me
Flag off wit a wave quick, dis-missed myth, you ain't a homie
Your word play is absurd gay, dopey fag
Jumbled verse conjecture verbs pronouns pronounced floaty gags
For loafing laughs
Nah, Wasted talent space, you speaking is like turning the suck on
Hah, Making rap a fake, stuck, you not a great
Stepped wit' a plastic face,...please get the fuck on
If your phsique was structured as your rap-block, You should hit the gym
Well pieced together lean and slim beast,
musculature feature sleak, crack burst the crease in your chin
Spin that syntax elsewhere, errors abound for a lyricist?
An oxymoron of a conundrum
I see you rapping text wit' a grammer mess
Scholarly as a dumb-dumb
Jokin' hopin' that you can still bring the heat in a roast when
spokin' pattern shatters anti-matter, and leave your pride in smoke
the flow is phenomenally flacid, flimsically wack and half assed, shit
How you still putting words together and clicking submit,
those verses are not classics!
No one is askin' baskin' or clamorin' for more
Yet you stiil the chatterbox, runnin' snot drops
disgustin' splattering shots that fall flat and short to the floor...

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 01/02/11 09:39:16 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

in the wind of your own rhetoric sin your lips jabbering
try establishing a reason for meddling in the farmers crops
your lost in the sea, slipping on heated spots
i got reloaded chi, max murder capacity, you can't do shit to me
its a swift shift between diamonds and rocks, you've got neither
my mind continue to box, bust through padlocks, crash the stock market
on your deathbed ill behead you, toss you out a window like mace windu
still you come back everytime like a virus with worsened rhymes
i open vines and drink the life blood outta emcee's mind's
ties that bind don't mean shit when you're loose ends remind me of fake cat tryin to put his stake in the mat
a dog without teeth on the attack, wheres the logic in that? youre wack face it
-like the matrix full of agents, or the dark basement your ass was raped in
rasin in the sun, im raining down 100 tons to the pavement
got you chipping and chafing your nails, i come with details, what ails you?
you hide behind verbal veils, your saddness wails apart from you

Author:  b.p. [ 01/10/11 06:31:24 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

faggot you braggin the laggin and saggin tail draggin' madness and attempt a method
My crystals effervescence shines through the bullshit in your rhetoric
annhillation through illuminated sun-spots,
burned ink-blots where the pen presses
I stress the presence, impacted imprints the essence
Styles switch gears and transmission cases that'll make the Supernatural second guess it
indeed these flows breeze funnels like test wind tunnels feed, blow back
Punches swung swiftly enough to make the air bleed, p.m.-ed me to hold back
man, fuck that...
couldn't tell you to get off me, none of your combos even touched
dodges and slips to bob-weaves, then the final right jab to uppercut
You recite fight rhymes which then hype mines
You the don king of rap with a fucked up cut and crooked hair line
the blood boils the skin beneath, the hatred would creep
from deep depths with heft, the left straight lunges the gold color out your teeth
before your feet would reach earth, your mind's meek would be served
wondering when the beatin' would stop, flashin' lights, stars, your speech blurbbed
Figure it out you weak to speak verbs
your action futile, to fleet, for this beast I eat meat and shit eat then beat nerds

Author:  *wig pusha* [ 01/12/11 05:23:25 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

from here on out im deleting any post longer than what the fuckin title says!!!!
4 bars is not " rap til u FINALLY get'cho point across" nahm'say'n yo??? GaBeesh??

anyone got a problem wit it we can handle it in the audio forum ya dig??

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 02/12/11 02:06:06 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

bah, humbug, only four lines too roll this dude up in a rug like doobs when there snug, but soft like boobs in a hug
you just lug around weak sound in a jug-band, covering small ground, walking through quicksand
ill burst your pineal gland, i got a thirst for human sorrow and, it'll leak that freak confusion by tomorrow, i hope your blessed cus im comin to put b.p. too rest and infest this swollen mess addressed

call it 4

Author:  illy tha kid [ 02/20/11 06:09:26 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

I'll drop a bar destroy Mourningstarr this worthless rapper that no one will be mourning for,
This morning was your last morning, take this threat as a warning,
This silly twit ass retarded rapper failed English class but hes a really good actor,
His simple rhymes bring about laughter, quit spitting now maggot and obey your master.

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 02/26/11 12:02:44 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

you rhyme worse than me when im intox, and when battlin me remember to keep your chin blocked
this playing fields gridlocked rookie, the only thing that shook me was my snoring and thats not mourning, i aint good for your health
your flows boring as hell and if hells boring than your the ruler himself, i know you'll swell up and die on the shelf like pinnochio- cus you small like a elf
im the veteran too you, prescribing any medicine, make a holy reckoning- not in the morning bitch- late night like david letterman

Author:  illy tha kid [ 02/27/11 08:02:03 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Diss the cat above you......(4 bars)

It's unnecessary to use my defense against a fellow so dense dude you get buried,
You fucking fairy, preschool disses ain't scary, go jump in that 72 inch hole at the cemetery,
You trying to beat me? You frustrated because no female will touch that little thing you use to pee?
I guess Vet now stands for “Very Easy Target” this dudes so bitch the mods got to change his fucking name to Margaret.

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