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 Post subject: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:34:07 PM 
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I straight ripped this idea from Westwords. But it was a great idea. What can I say?


Postby Catchphrase on 10/12/09 06:03:09 PM
lyin' under oath like FUCK the affidavit, ANYone would have to hate it, nerves all exasperated; agitated
soul-on-ice, Its incapacitated
cryogenically degrees calibrated
stasis in the blackest matrix.

-leave the reader truly fascinated
thas the only passion that I have/shit is really kinda sad
if I'm goin' through it closure to it, brought at long-last through The Power of the Pen-
and The Power of the Pad

a sketchy geometric skeptic checkin the parameters
and measuring the angle of the iambic pentameter
the limits of my breath control, the stamina
Diminishin the amateurs n' laughin' at the challengers

....I might as well be in a cell without bail-
life and hell: Whats the difference? How can one tell?
ain't nothin' new under the motherfuckin' sun
I been bored for 25 years, I'm only 31!?.....


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:35:07 PM 
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quantum leap
jump back dimension via calendar
rearrange the outcome by switchin up the patternin the ripple in the water from the drip splatterin
soundwaves on the lake scatterin-
time matters in the mind only conquoring a man, trappin 'em
I'ma powder up my hand and straight pimp slap reality
a must that I rewind to say FUCK father time
a dead-beat dad
wit his never here ass
just how long will your power last?
tip the hour glass
I won't doubt ya ass,
-ain't no future without a past
-n' anything that hasn't has a chance of happenin
so every loss gets me closer to a win


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 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:36:02 PM 
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now if I got a 2 percent chance of winnin and I've tried twice befo-
so thats two down/96 to go
cus anything that can happen takes place eventually
and if it doesn't then I guess it really wasn't meant for me
years turn to decades-and decades to centuries
thought forms opinion and opinion brings epiphany
a little brain chemistry, amidst the word wizardry, a futile fight when the clock represents your enemy
hour hand
minute hand
steady tickin', damn, It was written and It'll come to pass...end of class.


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:38:07 PM 
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Some Other Stuff

Postby Catchphrase on 08/11/09 09:11:37 PM
I sit back and sip the chardonnay...
tipsy? Well, its kinda hard to say
mind: always far away...
life's movie, find a part to play...
know the time, cop a "Cartier"...
work nights, party days?!...
love kills, tuck your heart away...
...fully versed in the art of phrase...
.......Moses on the scene, part the waves...
wen't deep, fuckin 'caught' a case
this a freestyle, throw the dart astray....


ride the beat saddleback
hotter than some candle wax
backin up my lines, like a line backer, tackle backs
leanin in the Cadillac...ONE dope boy, just imagine that
Outcast...tryin to get my family back
...find ya niche up in ya habitat...
the bullshit? I ain't havin' that
screamin out "Catch is PHAT!!!"
...this is this, nigga, that is that...
SCHOOLIN' kids verses back to back
Garbage Pail to Cabbage Patch...
....and every word is like a thousand camera snaps
the divine spirit dwellin deep inside the Tabernac.
....Serengeti to the Appalach...
I'm more thorough than the average cat,
weed-spot to grab a sack
....California to the Cackalack...
yo, what was that, homey? that was wack!...
...don't rhyme, Go back to crack...........

Greatly inspired by "Priority" off of Mos Def's "Ecstatic"

-Catch what I'm pitchin


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:40:28 PM 
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local show

Postby Catchphrase on 08/05/09 04:18:11 PM
I'm a macadamia NUT for higher acadamia
the left hemisphere only houses half o' the mania
Zany Wayne, brainiac
words worth a million pics, pay me back
courtesy of Catch Saturnalia
say I ain't the shit n' the finger flip where the safety at,
thas a crazy cat, with a smooth swag n' a lazy rap
way he act, you'd think every rhyme cast is the last to be
appreciated after the fact, after he passed
"Late, Great" attached to the name minus the fame
top player, minus the game....
okay, okay...its a trip to me the way I fuckin write n' spit for free,
n' its just to see if I can do it, would you disagree?
nobody gets saved
no money is made
a few props to collect
like "dude droppin. Respect"
verses vary, hyper-extended vocabulary,
considered scary, thats to each and every adversary,
pick a topic submit it n' drop it in the ballot box
I make the crowd quake n' then pop n' lock to the after shocks
benefit shows, I'ma flow, hand me the cash or not
open with a bang or the show 'closer'....slam the top
(damn, he hot!)
"blazin'" would be a better description
epic as a glyph with encrypted script in Egyptian and an
act is nothin' minus the presence of one audience,
all eight fans in the stand, steady applaudin' it....lmao


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:42:06 PM 
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Postby Catchphrase on 08/03/09 02:54:35 PM
the inspiration: ... VWwzZUE9PQ

Excalibur caliber, spatula flip
showin' 3 of six characters
One of which massacres
Saccharin rap basher extraordinaire, yeah…
Its done, might as well stick a fork-in-there, yeah…
yo, the road split, You know bout the fork-in-there? Yeah…
left my soul bare, I'll cut you a portion, there...yeah?!
Why not?
But take great care, much at stake there,
My father’s bloodline showing in the traits shared
Must have had a brilliant gene dominant or something
the good looks, the brains...Thanks a lot, Wayne!
its a privilege to have the same name as you, dang!
Wayne I and II
Its kinda like I’m you but not
A much better man yielded what you see now
I was s'posed to visit and feed you when you were senile,
Took before fifty to take a walk on the green mile,
Heart attack in church, the people gasping in thee isles
The lord giveth and the lord snatcheth
That’s where my soul’s deepest gash is……
and if I sound bitter and pessimistic to yall…
It ain’t that I’m pissed, not at all (not at all)...
But what am I to do...when I’m stuck at 32 and
all I ever really thought about was you... (true story).

I never knew where this was going...until it got there. I swear this shit is therapeutic...

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:45:53 PM 
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Postby Catchphrase on 07/07/09 12:35:43 PM
My electron flow
gives your telflon holes.
as the gas fills the kitchen with the left on stove
-I pressed on, drove through the crash course, mad force
once was a day when niggaz slept on HOV!
appreciation for the enzyme...
synaptic lightnin' bolts in your mind when you go to spit a rhyme
n' the focus is defined prose, potent with the lines
this rhyme applies to life now, wrote it just in time
what if human cells photosynthesized, super energized
from a half day's sun-bathing...amazing.
requires energy to split a atom and a cell
incinerator or a generator that propells
yo, I got it on lock-the flow is A-D-T
it's never to stop, hip-hop's A-T-P
any organism that was in my path
on the rise like your A-G-E
a chemical bond, between the mic and the palm
the impulse alarm delivers message to the arm
at WHICH time, I shine as bright as you would guess,
on my deep sea fish kick, I bioluminesce--nesce--nesce....


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/13/09 02:48:23 PM 
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Re: the Follow up

Postby Catchphrase on 07/13/09 01:07:24 PM
I'm inspired like a mufucka:

On my shoulder is a chip, bout to TIP over/trip, spit sober, lit...
snake charmer shook from this cobra-
-so IT'S over, quit!, DIP, soulja, take honor when I blaze armor
pole vaultin' niggaz, gettin over
the God's hand ball of clay script molder, slick shit quoter
helpin' Sisyphus to lift up HIS boulder, (google it)
assigned a million rhymes a week I JUST missed quota...
now, what if auto-tune won and dis-missed Hova?


I get it poppin off often so if ever cut I'd likely drip soda, did you get it?
verbal ammunition extra loaded clip holder end the game QUICK on some Adam/Eve strip poker
over ya head like quick floaters...
Tony Parker style, one SWIFT cross-over, get postered
twist doja, smoke a thick spliff, on the edge of the Heath ledge trippin', I am one SICK Joka'
"the kid" wrote a rhyme just for yall.....this a flow that you can sip slow
and will I ever quit? SHIT no-
the thought occurred to challenge me to spit flows,
heard me rip a show,
having second thoughts: like a schitzo-
-faded off the the purple and the Hypno,
-Satisfaction? Can't get no...
I'm charged because of HIS flow ^^^....

I love when somebody drops somethin' that FORCES me to step my game up...


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 10:27:11 AM 
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Freakanomics 151
by Catchphrase on 06/16/09 04:47:52 PM

I wanna reach the status of "money is not an object"
but Bill E. Collekta persists to impede progress
off to work I go, doin' bullshit for "Ms. So-and-so"
cus a nigga owe a shit load o' dough

n' thas the way the cookie crumble, busy bees bumble,
hard work and soft payment keeps a worker humble
I sleep walk, stumble through a twisted pipe dream and
I'm thinkin' me n' Lady Luck would make a nice team
but not now, I'm anxious and I know it might seem,
like I'm nervous. Waitin' for the right time, the right scene
my suit's white, spiffy, I would say I'm quite clean
hold this number one spot down for the time being
in rap, though.....better qualified? Is that so?
spread speech evenly to meet the stat quo......
who's running everything like Fidel Castro?
oil/gas co.'s
manipulate the PLANET'S cash flow
like megalomaniacal erratic assholes
cacklin' about their plans 'for they strike a last pose
deliberate, reflecting on the beaten path chose
but the chapter's closed
the future path?, only "Dad" knows.....

biology, the populace: watchin' it ecologically
axiology, Is it quality over quantity?
but thats philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology
me? I specialize in the field of lyrical artistry
a crude economy, predatory, you've read this story
its the same sad song, if its boring YOU tell it for me
spreading throughout the whole entire biosphere-
since of-this-earth, to earthly rules, I adhere
........till I decide to be a pioneer...
hunger in the eyes, you can sense it in what I've recited here
thrive on competition, to me its like a fuel
you's a fool, I SLAP you with this glove....Lets duel.
the same time, hoping we can all coexist
I ain't even on a buzz, this is strict sober shit....
just stick with me, I'M the one that got YOU accepted
a slick-talker: I could sell a spot to a leopard
the sheep dog watcheth but the lord is my shephard
scopin' over planes, a bazillion yard gaze
there is no "Wayne", there is only Catchphrase,
or Corey Heart, night-time rockin' black shades...

-C. Phrase

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 10:34:40 AM 
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me n' Toez

Ayo, its BEEN a long time...
Shouldn't o' left you...a flow from you know who is LONG overdue
-I been walkin round confused searchin for my lost muse-
I find it, I'm a lit fuse/room full o' fumes
"aah, Dr. CATCHphrase, I presume..."
spirit from the tomb, PEAK the skill of the persona I assume
got the ol' school feather plume pen, pop the tune in
I educate AND amuse on ANY one ya choose-
blessed like Achoo!, DO excuse-
dues OVER-paid-
rules are for slaves-


They say the rhyme's aimless. I blame it on the O.C.D.
well respected like the O.B.C.
I house of pain bounce around
I'm serious/I'm clownin' now
jump topic, sittin on the world/now I'm down and out
was smiling/frownin' now
hitchhike from town to town rhymin' bout the revolution
with-OR-without a crowd-

-I like the sound o' nouns. Adjectives are magical
took a breather, Even iller AFTER the Sabbatical to NOT
write, to me, just ain't practical
the purpose of an animal...its instinctive drive is intangible
whistlin' like teen Buu lettin' off the steam,
how many scribes out here know exactly what I mean?....

fuck it, Wheres my trusty ol' shoddy?
with a kick to send a jolt throughout your whole entire body
-NO country for the OLD man, though, ya copy? in a rockin' chair drinkin' cold coffee lookin' groggy,
the digitized Bobby Fischer prodigy-
knight to king three, done in TWO moves-Is that a record? GOTTA be
a victim of an interplanetary extradition, Got me blendin in a system
thats completely intermittent, pinnin' wisdom to the rhythm is the mission:


They want me locked up like Mumia but it cannot BE-
you can't cuff what you cannot see...
I mean the naked eye's incapabable the movement's un-traceable,
appetite for food for thought is great, just insatiable
the boob tube got you all confused/KILL the radio
I ain't ya competition, homey. Why you tryin to 'play me', yo?

they take me fo' some type of fool on the daily, yo
Fuck CNN, the REAL news is "The Daily Show"........


Fah Shazzy BrO!
they'd prolly NEVA play Me on Da Radio!
they wanna Pull the Plug on Hip-Hop
But wE stiLL goT De La Soul 4 a Taste oV souL
Pos, Trugoy, and Maceo!
enriched with fragrant Funky Flows
staying 'WIRED' like guzzling a8 cupZ o' Joe
or eyeballs glued to that show on HBO
the world's been flooded with Yayo
heroin syringes intricately aimed for vein pokes
killing dreams, frying brains in skillets with egg yolks
so shameful, it destroyed some great angels
the reason Janis and Jimi ain't rippin the stage NO MO!
potent coke melts the skin away from ya nose bone
just as harmful as toxins cremating the ozone,
in a way we're all like tiny flakes in a snow globe
and with one shake I'm set free in the maze of my dope poems
somehow I stay joke prone, in this crazy world of lies
finding Truth boiling Au Jus 4 my French Dip & curly fries
and He's 1 Helluva Guy! it's a Fact He's completely original!
but Funky knows his alter ego's a weeeee bit 2 EgoTistical!
the arrogance only exists when he Flows, the nerve of HIM!
Oh SHittake Shroom! There I go speaking in Third perzon again!
I jus felt my heart skip! & almost parked my car where sharks drift
but jumped out the whip and snatched it back with bizarre strength
Wow! I guess you can accomplish anything with an enlarged wit
living Daily on this Planet, power's the same when I'm Clark Kent
I'll continue to finish started shit, and if 3 more years is the target
then maybe Funky and Truth will meet at the apex of the Dark Rift?????.....

Tick... Tock.... Tickity... Tockity.... Time's of the essence. I suggest you all use it wisely.




 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 10:44:26 AM 
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by Catchphrase on 06/01/09 02:54:48 PM

I let the rhyme build like a Shakespearian tragedy,
they wanna drag MY ass to hell....spirits are after me,
("Catchphrase"), yeah but the NICK-name is "Your Majesty"
I'll take a stand, MAKIN' the band, NO Kane, Danity!
I write frantically for the brain to retain sanity
n' live my life life happily after, seekin' laughter
before I die, master a craft, reachin' the canopy
when dancin to the beat of a different drum....or tambourine
-can it be? cus I'm takin' this life candidly and so fancy-free
that I'm missin' what God's handin' me?
confidence, an ominous vanity, narcissm,
-necromance, mystical arts, a dark wisdom,
the wits' split niggaz, I constantly sharpen 'em
rollin the bodies in dark linen.......peep
the flows depth harnesses multiple sharks swimmin'
body parts stiffen, effects o' the dart's venom
is it smart to step in the circle and spar with 'em?
When Superman's around, do you ever see Clark with 'em? ..........

yeeah- I'm goin back in:

Now, that there's what you call a question, rhetorical,
from the Oracle's School for Gifted Metaphorically.
orchestrated formula catalyst correlation was determined
to result in an aura when spoken orally, formally known amateur
lyrically home-grown
lit finger blingin' attemptin to phone home
a stethograph for the brain, MI-graine headaches,
the green alleviates the pain, yo...
-I love my own flow I show it, though, within the privacy of my own home:
cus P.D.A. is lame
Catch do it low key...but he be great, the same, God
made me this way, so maybe HE should take the blame
-the lone lyricist slash physicist adds emphasis to wack penmanship
with an arrogant, lax temperament
yet militant as a Panther/Black Supremecist
Sick! Listen in and perhaps you contract cyphilus
-recession hittin us KILLIN the black businesses,
with bigger businesses STEADY filin' for tax benefits
the politicians wise to the tactic but ACT ignorant
they so insensitive to the facts. It's WACK, isn't it?
-with THAT premise in back of your mind chillin, its-
no WONDER cats are rescindin' n' lack tenderness....
-a casualty of an economic catastrophe,
I feel for the generation thats after me...

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 10:53:38 AM 
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electron jump

thunder cloud
super grey sky, bolt o' lightnin
a key tied to a kite tightly beside me
the sights stri-king like a west-side horizon
a full moon nightly arising, the tides swing
I'm in a deep frame of mind wri-ting
n' THATS not surprising
on the palms, all I got is timing,


electrode designed in the rhyme n' I strike twice
fuck what they told you back in science
a black cloud with a silver linin'
spine struck COMPLETELY paralyzing
brain wave OVER-analyzin
the dark sky lighting as a split second day-time sight-ing
rhymin' with electrons bouncin around 'em
the sound of Zeus battling the Titans......Damn.
sidewayze reign thumpin at the window pane
like its tryin'
to get inside-leave you victimized (uh)
a cryin'-
baby in the distance, for instance, to give you some assistance...while you're VISUALizin'
wouldn't recommend tower-climbin
'less you got nine lives like a cat, twinkle in its eye
synaptic brain cell energized
your neurons are turned on-stay or run and hide, can't decide
God's stomach in his tummy growlin'
or six thick pits sittin' in a line waitin' for the sign
direct transmission coming straight from the divine
cable to the mind feedin' I'm just waitin' for the lines
as electrons jump from one cloud to another I recline-
encounter of a whole 'nother kind....

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 10:59:05 AM 
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If I sit up in the trees, I can spot my enemies like some camouflage vietnamese covered in leaves, ready to squeeze. Got you in my scope; Say cheese (snap). The bullets spread like a disease, UP the degrees. I gotta lead left cus 'o the breeze, bustin' with ease. Move a long, cousin, nothin' to see. Fuckin with me?!- hollow point touchin' the knee, buckle n' bleed. It's like I'm shootin ducks for somethin' to eat, but huntin' emcees.....My pen's got a temp of like a hundred and three. Put crab ass-niggaz under the sea....

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 11:09:40 AM 
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subliminal mind
population: 1
where the thoughts weigh a ton
and the conversation's never done, self...
who's the most complex of them all?
and where were YOU when we were gettin' high?/wonderwall
no regrets when this petty life is over, none at all
oh, exCEPT for that time....well thas' another rhyme
I got a way with words...
like Birdman got a way with....birds....
like O.J. got away with murda
the best you never heard o'...
but what you DON'T know can be explained in a fusillade of flow,
a certified "Serta" for the sleepers,
I'll do to you what cells did to beepers,
on the spot epiphanies, I call it like I see it...
Dead wrong? fuck it, so be it.....
My think tank is always on full, so it seems,
like its blowin' steam and even when I sleep you KNOW I dream
about a place where chubby baby angels go to sing
a Salvadore scene with pink vanilla clouds, so serene....


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 11:13:14 AM 
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A System
by Catchphrase on 05/03/09 03:39:11 PM

I watched the wool cover they face,
such a disgrace,
lambs kept in their place with wolves coveting a taste,
like a steak basted in glaze served, a plate waitin...
thas been the system ever since creation.
Face it.
fast paced nation----slow paced payment, its a
dark hidden side to every rule, fuckin fool.
(tell me) how you like bein' a tool, government fuel...
JUST to get treated jus' like stool, NOT cool.
and I'm a hard working legal tax paying citizen,
around me all I see are aliens....Ben Tennison,
I know the time, Copped a Citizen....
yeah, I got it from the mall....Most importantly of all STACK BENJAMINS
rainy day cheese, THUNDER storms in the forecast, a flood comes....
THAT'LL be the cash to save your ass
-ya never REALLY know whats gonna happen, said Dad,
so KEEP yourself a stash, never EVER spend ya last.
....only economic consultation that a nigga has, no calculator, kid...Do the math...


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 11:17:25 AM 
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Resurrection Day Rhyme
by Catchphrase on 04/12/09 03:27:10 PM

Ayo, push turned to shove.
all the love drained from my heart in the form of blood
and sunk into the mud
a pain in my gut, like I been plugged with a slug, empathize
reach out, cuz! n' give that thug a hug n'
if he tries to sell you drugs point your finger up above,
like "I'm already high off life"....yeah right, lemme
get a quarter bag of your most fluffiest bud, have a
nigga feelin' like he's sinkin INTO the rug, yo where's this rope lead?
I give it a tug,
then got suddenly drug,
where no human's Timberland has ever trudged,
the jury was hung, YOU be the judge
the verdict?: my words stick, Could probly bathe in 'em in the tub: thas flow,
-as pure as the WHITEST of doves....n' thas fa' sho
I'm dope: LISTENING gives you a buzz....just so ya know
unearthed from the coal, shimmerin stud
if the shoe fits unlike the glove, well join the club,
life hits you hard as a club,
or like a bottle o' bubb over the head, You was jumped in the club,
and motherfuck beef, gimme a club
u was boasting 'tha bomb', but got discovered as another fuckin dud
tick tick tick 'poof'.........?
made a comPLETE fool of, like E. Fudd when chasin after Bugs
electrifyin'? Show me the outlet. Yo, where's my fuckin plug?
sippin from your mother's milk juggs
Stompin on ya mugg till your eyes are poppin out like a pugg,
blood all on my brand new Lugz
bulldoze that....I know you dug....
I heard that you wanted it? There, cuz.
surface-to-air scud.

Peaceful-ass Easter Sunday seems to have brought the beast out. Its all about contrast.


 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 11:22:25 AM 
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by Catchphrase on 09/18/08 03:19:56 PM ... bUpMWEE9PQ
I'm a rollin stone---so I need a wireless mic,
exemplary---I ENCOURAGE writers to bite, such
eloquence, makin' it rhyme but keepin it relevant,
I could cure you of that speech impediment....
phonetically excellent never wit down-to-earth sediment sentiment
gentlemen, ladies-this is the third testement,
murderous journalist bustin with earnestness the subject and predicate derelict
lyrically, I will take care of this.
check the Socratic method, I one-two check it,
E-nigmatic rappin, an all day habit
after the cash, damnit, like rabbits after carrots,
spit like an automatic, I bleed black magic, I'm the rap abbot
I answer your question 'fore you ask it,
Catchphrase the name but you can call me That Shit
first and foremost, flip it and feed foes phat scripts,
impact'll make 'em do five consecutive back flips: beginner's gymnastics for fake faggots....,
on the death bed coughin rhymes in the mic, I'm sayin', I'm that sick,
breathe propane gas, all I need is matchstick,
......blow the spot, hear the dopest to rock,
round-the-clock hustle, oc, without the dope in the sock
words are images, hieroglyphic pictures depicted over six millenia never become insignificant
so make a statue of me, sit it next to Mary's, styles are set to very, proofreading necessary,
blessin listeners with infinite wisdom,
'sides my sheer genius, really, I got nothin to give 'em
I watch the white light go in the prism then watch it exit as a brilliant array of chromatic division,
I think back to days, when boats got packed with slaves to take back n' then they cast away,
so we owe to them everything we have today,
the workload would cause today's man's backs to break
whip slash mastas gave till consiousness passed away leavin deep scars, gashes n' scathes.....

I had to stop.....Started pissin' myself off......I'm feelin this one, though.
Won't see me toot my own horn too often....outside of a rhyme

 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/15/09 11:24:00 AM 
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"rhymes come from my higherness of wireless dialect,
rhymes come from my higherness of wireless dialect",

grab then choke-slam Mr. Opportunity by the neck,
they just a little fly when I'm in the sky like a fighter jet,
haven't seen a nicer writer YET,
power endowed, like when Peter and the itcy bitcy spider met,
if rappin is sweet you a diabetic,
I'm back for the first time, so therefor, it feels as if I never left,
n' mics, me? I treat 'em like a step:
one at a time,
I put this metal in you, dog, like the vet,
"rhymes come from my higherness of wireless dialect"
it's just the sign of the times, you'll probly see fire next,
comin down from the sky...twirlin n' spiralin',
my style is the new drug: why haven't you tried it yet?
....aspiring theatre authors admire it,
stagehand assistance for all o' the props I-collect.....

 Post subject: ---Time Slip~~~
PostPosted: 10/24/09 09:37:25 AM 
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first line: always the hardest one ta' come up wit
then it flow, lava-like, volcano erupted
Pompeii covered in ash frozen in history
until an archaeologist took the time n' discovered it
time-slip rupture to dis-rupt the continuum,
n' loving it,
to travel in time is a thing coveted
fuck it, shit...
history's water under the bridge
when you at the edge of EVERYTHING peekin' over the ridge
-scannin' the horizon, I'm seekin' hope for the kids
its a slim chance: bottle o' lightnin', open the lid
-a power hidden in me, I feel its responsibility
as if a spider bit me and gave me this new ability: the sensitivity of a different level of entity
its next century
from the future-past....Remember me???
two dimension skip, this the last n' the first rhyme,
its as if I never left and I'm back for the first time



 Post subject: Re: Everything
PostPosted: 10/24/09 04:09:06 PM 
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black president wasn't hesitant settin precedence
(but) MY country tis of its negligence ever-evident,
over-priced medicine, under-funded Americans,
a blind-eye turned to the immigration of Mexican,
this is not ya momma's Americana, its different now
name written down on a pink slip n' then given out
leadin to the mari-ju-wanna, liquor n' Guinness Stout
bright ideas flickerin, dimmin listenin, child?

"the Thinker's" position, I'm hatchin a plan to put in action just as fast as I can, ayo...
stripes, red and white, with a star-spangled horizon,
flag burns, high off the fumes steadily risin
perfectly rhymin'-
temperature n' mercury rising,
urgency binding-
a thousand degrees and counting
the shit's astounding-
heart drum heavily pounding
"Fuck the cops!!!" top of my lungs, now I'm surrounded
they order me to get on the ground, pinning me down-
a knee impressing my chest as I struggle catchin' my breath
red is for the blood, white's the country's true color
blue is fa' tha badge-flashin nerdy motherfuckas
I'm in a trance state and it seems I'm havin a vision,
economic dominance, spendin, capitalism
rappin with wisdom-
when he's done, dap you will give 'em
n' thas just a given-
this is lyrical baptism attached to rhythm swimmin in grey matter material
infinite mind space, immaterial, so ethereal
words are nearer than they initially may appear, a miracle...despite all the evidence thats emperical
dreams and aspirations ALL wiped out, gone,
set fire to the white house lawn, uh......

I don't know why I'm so mad....


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