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Author:  Catchphrase [ 10/28/09 04:32:23 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

diggin in my brain to find somethin' I can give you,
writer's block an everlasting issue........
-I could diss you....
-or I could bless you....
-enrich you...
test you or quiz you...
-free your mind, then the cops arrest you...

so its official....THATS-how you know you black
my nigga ripped you.....THATS how you know you wack

as if you didn't know it before facin' the floor, undeserved props gotten, I can't......
take it no more-
above nobody-I don't love nobody-I don't hug nobody
(who you trust?) nobody
written for my own peice of mind peep the rhyme
if you repeat it, fine,
...long as you come away with somethin'
and you ain't gotta give me SHIT: somethin' for nothin'
I speak out and then reach out n' touch the percussion.........
-on the table a topic up for discussion...
dancin' with the devil, I see...Mind if I cut in?.......


Author:  Catchphrase [ 11/25/09 05:01:25 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

peep that Slaughterhouse video on the front page...then peep this...

flash of black light.
Turn this pen to a sword,
lil' sum'n that I do when I'm bored,
merciful lord....
the pen? my only friend, I chased the rest away,
It speaks FOR me....when I got nothin' left to say
the loneliest monk,
in the monestary composin' like Thelonious Monk
you ever known me to front?

I bump the jazz while I blow me a blunt
n' stand at wit's end only to jump. One....

never a snitch, shit.....I drop my OWN name though
Catchphrase's jedi mind: covered with Kangol
others'll play n' diss it, cus they jealous of the skill
n' got nothin' to lay against it, damn.
my fire words fly as high as a bird...Jean Grey style, that is my word (word)....haha

full of disrespect when I middle finger the officer
belittle the blue fag, when spittin' on his badge, I'ma motherfuckin' spiteful...
towering Eiffel of delightful,
jargon to get trife and hyped to
incitin' riots in a couple of bars with JUST a couple o' bars
n' left a couple with a couple o' scars, I'm reminiscin' within the written....pardon me
BULLshit blockin' my path, makin' it hard to see
Can't see the small....I'm WAY too tall
I stomp on you like "I hate you ALL", u ants crawl/// they SHOULD....their bellies to the ground,
and beware of the dog catcher or get carried to the pound
frisked n' indicted more if you married to the pound,
if it's beef in the streets , buryin' it (buryin' it now)

they like "Wayne, how you get so mad...You was a NICE kid, it's just so sad", well.......,to be continued....

in the meantime, CATCH!!!

Author:  Catchphrase [ 01/11/10 12:20:57 PM ]
Post subject:  2 steppin on 'em

been a minute or three.
-yall remember me?
the new moon rise high...but hidden by the trees
writtens is sickening, nigga please.
dare I say disease-ridden,
wolf-man....flea bitten n' I don't mind sayin' I missed yall
audience applaudin' this?'s just yall
tryin' to let this paper stack untill it's this tall
wonder how I slipped by you like I'm a missed call
-check it-
I'm pissed off, not because of shit that I seen...
naw....I'm mad cus I ran outta green...

find my direction-
mind's eye reflection stimulated by rhyme:
nevermind my erection
-confide in the blessing now bestowed upon your lobes
Clothed in a robe.....

'n the only kinda dough I got goes in the stove
but I'm dope like what goes in ya nose, yeeah....
Catchphrase'll put it down, Remember how it goes?
"In slip switch-blade/out slip soul"
flabbergasted rappers have to scratch they head n' ask
Why I got them lyrics fo yo ASS?!......

Author:  Catchphrase [ 03/16/10 08:45:43 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

genius of a child bound by a lack o' words
only good for the purpose served...
a rose by any other name smell the fuckin' same
world remains/people going through the pain of change
large brain vein connecting to the metaphysical,
experiment of God mixing up a set of chemicals
developin' my spirit to eventual nirvana
first step?: drop the marijuana....
....just a shadow of my former self, I'm mimickin,
the actions of my past self, memory rekindlin' the flame's light dwindlin' away
havin' trouble just rememberin', the image gone never to ascend again,
pause, break, interim......

...avatar state I'm enterin'...seein better than the average gentleman

....Catch-phrase like to drop his own name
n' cheat to beat a hatin' player at his own game,
feelin' like I'm bout to snap like a broke chain
n' hit this fucka takin both lanes.....

I was feelin that Sean Price "Street Shit"

Author:  Catchphrase [ 03/17/10 07:36:25 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

ayo...SHAttered dreams starin' at me through the crack'd grass-
it all happened in a flash-it was ('snap') that fast-
-karma wit no hesitation gets in that ass-
-don't expect a bright future/from a black past
-mac-10 spray, the truth is in the black mag
I'm flyer than a jet/title of a black mag-
others livin in oblivion n' thas sad-
-in a white double-wide, with a black jag-
you try to act bad,

...leave the gat home, BET I take you out like a trash bag
now get your hands up like you tryin to catch cabs-
-how much shit does Catch have?...........

Author:  Web Slinga [ 06/22/10 02:00:33 AM ]
Post subject:  Luke 11:1-4

Luke 11:1-4
New King James Version (NKJV)

The Model Prayer

11 Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.”

2 So He said to them, “When you pray, say:

Our Father in heaven,
Hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven.
3 Give us day by day our daily bread.
4 And forgive us our sins,
For we also forgive everyone who is indebted to us.
And do not lead us into temptation,
But deliver us from the evil one.”

Author:  Catchphrase [ 09/04/10 02:50:02 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

ayo, I wakes up-8 sharp...outta my bed
ask God to keep the evil thoughts outta my head,
the inner id lingerin...
inner kid get to tinkerin wit shit they got no biz
-fondelin' n fingerin' the console
damn....everything looks bigger when you see it through the eyes of a child yay size
torturin stray cats and settin fire to the fire ants screamin "FUCK" cus they crawlin' up my pants,
born mad...
and born bad,
born with a pencil and a pad for every thought I ever had
--I'll show 'em--
steady scribblin the bitterness
drop knowledge like "the book"'s Leviticus, you diggin it?

the evil that men do

is in-stru-mental

to life. Consequence is coin-ciden-tal

I'll then continue....
the Free Will Miracle
freedom of choice for every living individual,
the deal has so much residual,
the downside is that you got a 50/50 chance; 43 minimal
and livin' to an honest principle can prove critical
live the good life until God gets rid 'o you/or turn into a hardened criminal
robbin cats in your neighborhood, now they plottin how they gonna get at YOU....
kinda stupid if you think about it, soldier
use your brain like I know ya momma showed ya...aaahhh....I love it when a verse comes together,
gets me through a bad day....makes me FEEL better....

the phRASE

Author:  Catchphrase [ 09/04/10 03:52:15 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

and just when you think I stopped...really not cus I'm really hot--
in Hell's Kitchen with the wok sizzlin cookin like a trapper does a rock to get the guac
you like the way I break away clean,
thas the transition....
thas why the fans listen....
askin "how you do it, Catch?" I tell 'em "man, listen..."
gotta feel it in your inner bone,
just like a dog gotta get a bone,
I gotta get my MAN wit a poem,

--consider HOME where the heart takes a chill pill
--I'm at home writin' rhymes, watchin "Kill Bill" feelin like I'm edgar allen rappin, fans clappin, though its rather melancholy
this is it?! betta not be
"Do you want more?! roots growin' through the floor,
I feel the heat comin' from the core....

this was goin nowhere in, though...

Author:  Catchphrase [ 09/05/10 11:34:53 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

ayo, murder is so tragic...
another life....vanish in air...its like magic
sidewalk....mindin' his biz...'n just got blasted...
soul float, checkin' the birds that fly past it...
totin' 45's cus you get your ass kicked,
rather off a nigga instead....thas some wack shit!.....
didn't know he packin' as welll...and YOU jacked 'em....classic.
bastards....don't know the half of the mufuckin' math...
you said the LAST time would be your mufuckin' last
but your future gets direction from ya mufuckin' past...
one banana peel n' thas yo mufuckin' ass
cops say: another nigga gone...another mother sad
consumed with the subject of murder, evil, and madness
seein future murderers in faces of bad kids!....

maybe I should see somebody....

Author:  Tearz [ 09/11/10 09:14:46 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

The future beyond my glasses, foggy but quite sunny
an appetite quite precise, despite gun blasting dummies
Its a shame what we can do for respect and a little money
coincedentially the same when it comes to retaliating against people who act funny
And for people who're that hungry, the hustles forever embedded
living well without credit, even with risks of paramedics
Sure life is essencially precious, but even sweeter with a couple gambles
till they scramble, putting together all the pieces of a life they can no longer handle
for the lost and forgetten, I light a couple candles
pour some liquor out for them, sometimes its hard to pin point everyone of life's angles
we went from Jesus walking in sandles, to an endless tower of babble
samples and battles, now anyone that gives a wrong look, is sure to get their head rattled

Author:  Mourningstarr [ 10/02/10 08:05:04 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

your style is great to read

Author:  Tearz [ 10/12/10 08:14:49 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

nice screen shot, cannibal holocaust was a bugged out movie

Author:  Apoc [ 10/13/10 07:30:03 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

I do wrong then confess it in new songs
Emcees who can't identify criticize til they get folded like futons
Fuck Armstrong I'm tooth strong
So Rappers get bitting, crunched, and chewed on like croutons
Petty small time gangstas think too small
They died cause they tried to shoot arms and I threw bombs

Author:  Catchphrase [ 12/29/10 11:18:24 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

to the tune of "Exhibit A" by Jay Electronica:

it goes: one mic, two mics, three mics, four...
five, but the Source don't even matter anymore...
cus things done changed.
got fame...then they got lame; the sales soar then plummet thru the floor
past the plumbin' n' the fossilized iron ore...
like drills buzzin n' bore a hole to the earth's core
game's on...aint nobody checkin' for the score...
just a write a rhyme? what the fuck for?
and yet here I am, you want more?...
I figured you would...
tip my brain over, let the stuff pour...
from atop the Mount Rushmore gushin'...
too STRONG to be broke, we just poor, cousin...I'ma
take you on a journey down memory lane and when I'm done just remember the name: Catch...
so its six mics, seven mics, eight mics, nine
record deal dreamers ran SLAM outta time...
the I-pod generation x got the wheel....ask D'Angelo how does it feel?, ha...
to know your shit's leakin in the street before its done
with every single track burned except for number one (
...nothin' new under the sun (sun...sun)
...n' everybody got a gun (gun...gun)
...I thought we did this shit for fun (
from Lil' Wayne to Big Pun, payin' homage to a pioneer's a thing of the past
the game got a curve ball fo' yo ass...think fast
anybody in it now?....they do it for the love
I do it cause it gives me a buzz....without the drugs,
do it as the only means of bridgin' the gap
plantin' seeds in your mind like I'm Leo Decap,
bandwagon's kinda empty, You should be on the back,
"Catchphrase, where you at? You should be on the map".....


Author:  Catchphrase [ 01/03/11 03:51:33 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

I love money when I got it...
....I hate money when I don't, though, spend fast, comin' SO slow
macro-economical mathematical prison got me buildin for an elevated state of livin...
wadin' in this quick sand, yet I'm steady sinkin'....
bills weighin' on my mind, this some heavy liftin'....
soon as you save the shit its gone, dissappearin from your palm
on some whodini type of magic charm,
now you see it....
now you don't...the entire PLANET caught the vapors....
a fuckin' green piece o' paper!,
the treasury is steadily a step ahead o' me we go to get the currency with the urgency
work fervently readily sell your soul n' slave earnestly, never to be rich...
gettin played for a little bitch
I gotta plan, make a dollar and invest that to get me outta jams, I don't give a damn/I don't GOT a damn
hats off to emcees with very little ends but a lotta fans,
this economy is outta hand....

Author:  Catchphrase [ 01/03/11 07:02:39 PM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

I grab the mic cord when I'm quite bored n' watch it morph into a white sword
I'm a rather nice poet,
all I need's a little inspiration and its set off,
multiple raps like multiple gats...let off,
critics dick ridin', its gettin' heavy...Get off,
off the top gets new meaning...lob ya head off,
n' jet off...
niggaz is so flaky...kellogg's
two fish were turned into many...then he fed all
any similarity's purely coincidental,
the quentessential essence of a vivid mental...if its hidden in you let it be known, let it be shown
glowin Sho nuff, they criminalize whatever we on,
the Eternal, by default, could never EVER be gone,
tryin to take my shine like they did Sierra Leone
I'm the head of my home, my crown tilted to the side, bullet-proof glass tinted when I sit in my ride
the ever consistent, lifted
def, persistent
eloquent, and pissed, kid!
...the judge wanna give me SIX bids...
he makin' six figs off of the shit that I just did....Shiiit


Author:  Catchphrase [ 01/07/11 09:50:05 AM ]
Post subject:  Re: Everything

I got a theory...
the planet's spirit gettin' weary but this fog is dreary
which is why you cannot see it clearly, nearly everyone has lost their focus...
...hear me?...
thoughts'll intersect/increase the intellect of he that inches near me
got a sixth sense for these things....
Eerie, I know, but ain't no need to fear me for I love my brother very dearly
untested precedence which makes you hesitant and leery
adept and excellent but sparingly, appearing yearly, hear ye hear ye
those that seek to find some hope and peace of mind take a piece of mine,
got enough to share with each in line
I recollect respect and memories of decent times
the blind can be the deaf's ear and the deaf can lead the blind,
I'm feelin' worthless when my actions don't fulfill a purpose
I'm drillin' earth, its not enough for me to skim the surface try to
touch the soul of any person that has read or heard this...
poetic dervish, see that every line is worded perfect, the
perfectionist, as we persist to propagate as people...
we must provide the proper push to permeate this evil, either that or perish, not to ever make it to the sequel
by necessary means albeit legal or illegal, yo....


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