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 Post subject: Drastic tactics : Old to New
PostPosted: 04/06/10 08:20:52 AM 

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Than :

(from the bottom of my heart)

When i see you baby girl i think that im in love
When im not wit you baby girl i reach to the stars above
all you hata's out there dont need to push and shove
because alls i need to to be with you forever
i wanna see you no matter the whether
i hope i will see you foreva while we are togetha
remember when you need somebody im here to hold ya
if you need to cry baby girl you got my shoulda
baby girl i stoped bein a pimp, i stoped bein a playa
i dont pay girls to get them, fuck it i aint gunna pay her
Yall might think this shit is wack but dis shit is true
everything i say i do it will go through
no matta what you think or what you do
thats how i feel baby girl yes dats how i roll
i dont speak wit my mind i speak wit my soal
i dont stop workin until i reach my goal
you need to see the real way i feel
all of this right is the real deal

if think this rhyme aint true and if this is not nice
i love my baby girl if you think im wack think twice
cuz i will knock you out and you will be numb as ice
i protect my baby girl i dun when ppl talk shit
i sit talk shit and i just let my shit flow and spit
my rhymes come from the heart they got that flow
if you dont know what im talkin bout than you betta go
because my rhymes is fo real, yall bitches dont even know

(love hurts)

Man love will rip you up, Make you feel like your nothin
Love makes you feel like ya frontin, Ova somethin
It makes you ct different, You will get hurt all the time
at first you will shine, But now kids, it ripped out my spine
Now i have no feelin, Dis girl just ripped everything from me
Damn i wish everything wit me n her would be so lovely
it makes me wanna smash my head, And fall to the ground dead
Just to remind me what she said, Makes me wanna stab myself in bed
Cuz this shit kills you, Its like the devil it sneaks up
but i enva knew it would be this hard to keep ym cheak up
its hard to see the bright side, If it aint very bright
How you gone see the light?, if you aint got the might?

Its hard to walk through dark, Wit no vision
its like my heart hit a rock, It was a big culision
I broke my fist, Just to show you how much i love her
i can tell that my life is all over
i am more worthless than a 1 legged rover
My heart was crushed, I feel like ive been bumb rushed
Now im the new person on mtv singin bout heart breaks
And now it all starts wit hates, While they descriminate
im done with gods game, Whats the point of puttin me to shame?
I done lost my fame, Because the pain has gained
Now im like a slave, To gods mind
And now i know, That im one of a kind
Because noone feels this way, Just out of the blue

Now fuck yall if you get buck, You dont know do you?
I got my heart broke and now there is no gettin through to you
fuckin bitches you give me bad credit fuck you, You dont know
i know after i loose myself, Exactly where im gonna go
Im goin straight to hell, Because imma commit suicide
now people mension em bein fly,, and you say who is fly?
im lost in this world, I have no where to go or hide
I just wish my girl could be right by my side
But she fucked it all up she dont even think bout me no more
Now i feel like ive been used, Just to get back at her X's whore
im done, Im jsut done, This shit is fuckin me
now im out, if you dont like it, Than stop suckin me

Now :

(death note)

As thoughts caress my brain waves on this sane day
The pen touches a slain page in Its contained stage
The notepad records tamed rage that remains caged
Beneath the Ink device I guide…I’m my own insane sage
The Veins Connect to the Pen…Hits Paper…Bleeds Red
Ill Rip, Rape Ya…Everytime I Kicked a Flow My Feet Bled
Beat Heads…No Writers Block Plz Cuz I Lack The Patience
Or A Pens the Axe You Faceing Give the Notebook Lacerations
Infact Im Hatin…Your Popular and Everyones Heard of You
Bleedin Lyrics Without Bringin you Back How Do I Murder You?
Red Ink Spilling Quick… No Magic Heres the Trick
Everytime I Kill a Spit…My Notebook gets to Feeling It
The Realest Shit…I Spill A Script ,Don’t know how you Would Deal with It
Id Ripp you Up…Recycle Bin …to See How Youd Appeal to It
You Killed the Kid…you Get Credit every time my Bars Heard
Got Nerve Sit and Wonder Why I Fill You with Harsh Words

OnAnother Note

Its Silence From You…Tho You give me the Balance to Do
What I Do If I Was Tom Hanks Id Be on a Island with you
If We Got Cast.away…Better Yet If I Got Stabbed Ill Say
Id Let Go Of Life …So Youd be the Last Thing I Grab Today
Full Submission…Took me to See From a Different Look
My Position Shook, my Heart Can Lie in a Composition Book
U Was there for A Wicked Crook that Grabbed Tools and Went Hamma Time
When I Slammed a Guy…Before My First Deployment? Grandma Died
Id Land a Rhyme…No Money but Others Afforded to Hate Cha
Without a Doubt Youre My Mic You Always Recorded on Paper
My Thoughts And Worries…But Then I Got Caught You Scurried
You Sighted Me With Ya Unidentical Twins, Corpse I Burried
Reacted Silently…despite My Flaws You Live Gallantly
Kept Ya Composure Right…Even when I Spoke Violently
You Challenge Me…Even Those my Words be Killing You
continuation till i get respected my millions duke

(hiphop takes the fall)

They Said hip hop's going down the drain and we're not goin to stop it now
were copping out, they copped us out so theirs nothing to talk about
Well I beg to differ on a different matter of us vets
we're suspects to nothing but our pen and paper that touch text
so un-less, you can prove that we're going down in our fight for freedom
justify your case in it's proper order, I'll like to read em
Our right is the light of reason to perpetuate your motive
A Hung jury of skeptics who review their notes in a quotient
You could only hope that the dopeness that we provoke isn't focused
enough for the direction projected to this pencil's corroded
The media is a forest fire when it comes to the public attention
No fucking affection, just our lives hanging up in suspension
It's like The World thinks Rap Artists are from another dimension
or somthing, end of discussion; general medicine...doesn't
settle the evidence of it's existence in lyricism
lyricism? - yeah, lyricism: a sphereless prism
engineered by the wierdest system of post-modern shapeshifters
who exercise the rhythm of pencil pushing like weightlifters
They travel through the boundaries of our planet through vocal tones
..gated in the community of those infected like local phones
Double jointed; like broking bones - hidden in disguises
With ignorance arised in the middle of it's surprises
So the court is nothing more than their view of us in it's retribution
to Blame rap for the fall of commercialism with execution

(an assassin)

This target's important because the mark's an informant
Forced to testify tomorrow due to NARC's & extortion
He's guarded by four men in a suite, at the Marriott
Got orders to off him, so I'll see that they're carried off
I had talked to intelligence, they outlined the top floor
Two agents inside the room, two outside of a locked door
This was all confirmed to me, by some spy's and voyeurs
I'm set up in a furnished suite, courtesy of my employers
It's five floors below the target, I'm prone to start this
With no regard for human life, cuz I'm cold and heartless
So I depart the room, gun equipped and armed to shoot
With a couple clips hidden in my custom fitted Armani suit
I already knew I'd take the stairs, I came prepared
Intel said there's no surveillence or agents stationed there
I explore with optics, then open the door and walk in
No one spotted so I ascend up the 5 floors with caution
I depart the stairwell & didn't appear to make a noise
For a second I pause and listen to hear an agent's voice
There's no change in ploys, seems it's now in order
I need to know their locations, so I peep around the corner
One on each side of the door, talkin' like they're bored
It's just me and them, cuz noone else occupies the floor
I take a breath, take a step, and steadily aim the lead
In a few seconds, I left two embedded in each agents head
No crash in the hall, there's hardly a thump or a sound
With backs to the wall, the bodies just slump to the ground
I walk over and rummage around, start to search 'em
Looking for the keycard, but nothing is found on the first one
So I check the second body, it was stored in a pocket
I grab the keycard, and slide it through the door to unlock it
Turning the handle without hesitation, i swing it open
Everything's in focus before the agents can blink or notice
I'm going in slow motion with both of 'em stone frozen
One on the bed the other one close to the phone smokin'
They're both in my line of fire, so I'm aiming the glock
Towards the agent on the bed, and I got his cranium locked
Twice it fires, his life expires, the other agent flinched
So my gun is raised an inch, he becomes the sight advent
I pull the trigger, a cigarrette drops from the fourth Fed
Forget the bullshit, I just left a bullet lodged in his forehead
Intel said four agents, and I just left all of the four dead
Then I saw the informant curled up in a ball by the floorvent
He's shakin' in fright, so I walk over and say to the guy
"Get on your knees...face the wall...and then pray for your life"
He obeyed and obliged, I can see through the dread
That's displayed in his eyes, as I put the heat to his head
Then I let the hammer hit the pin, to nullify the issue
Let a bullet fly, it ripped through his skull and fried the tissue
The gray matter in his brain splattered all over the wall
Now I got to go and retrieve the bodies of those in the hall
It's not a problem, i just put my gun by my abdomen
Go and grab a Fed, then one after the other, I drag them in
More than likely, it'll be an hour before they find these
Agents dead, so I hit the exit then closed the door behind me
I begin walkin' towards the stairs, descend five flights
Take an elevator to the bottom floor prepared to end my night
After exiting through the lobby, the job is now complete
So with hands in my pockets I start walkin' down the street

No matter the situation, life will still move on
You will never accomplish anything crying, no matter who's wrong - Drastic

 Post subject: Re: Drastic tactics : Old to New
PostPosted: 04/06/10 11:37:02 AM 
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Some ill shit Dras i've always liked your mc drops more than your battle verses

Keep elevating man

Battle Record 54-41

 Post subject: Re: Drastic tactics : Old to New
PostPosted: 04/06/10 04:26:55 PM 
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yea i think your storytelling is your strength over all


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