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PostPosted: 04/10/07 03:06:13 PM 
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Joined: 04/14/04 04:41:31 AM
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Tell me why does it have to be this way?
each day I see more hear more But feel less pain
Its a sad moment when you growing and realize
you cant save this planet, just can it, and close your eyes
Chasing that paper or that tail for an easy way out
Making way for your feet just to ease your way out
Its like a constant state of daydreaming the way we be
thinking we take it real serious the medias relaying
whats happening, when truth is we just watch
see more hear more speak more evil till were numb
beyond belief and still believe we have a conscience
im on to it, we been fooling ourselves, this life is nonsense
Im about to off it, IS THIS ALL IM OFFERED? Im going bonkers
all I see is monsters, nah im lying Im just full of shit
Me my self and I the way we lie yeah im just full of it
I love the life I live spite all the hurt and dirt on my turf
since birth Ive been curse I still find its worth its own worth
and consider it a blessing, Cause though im sometimes pensive
stressing, not resting all this mess is making me agressive
to the point its excessive, obsessive, the pain in my chest is
well it gets me, to the point im wresteling with my very essence
Im barely present, fluorescent shade at best this is mad depressive
Sad to death its, like Santa dead or not baring presants
then I grab my neck arrest me, take that anger repress it
go back to taking my own credit, majestic, my own sucsessor
Hit the lights grab a skirt say im blessed bitch, find my depression
manic laugh, I molest it, kill it, this is beyond surpression
My very own yes-man, yes yes man, two can play that chess man
HAHA Im grinning, The way I play myself Im always winning
As long as Im alive, Im still in this, still breathing, still living
still eating, still drinking, still in it to win it, still shitting
on all the bitches on my shitlist, come on! get with it
I dont need a witness to prove Im guilty of being filthy
Man I live it chasing a fat cow of riches so I can milk it
Dont get it twisted, Im not a misfit, this just an image
Of how Im living, straight buildin, get lost or get with it
See how i did this? mad scriptures, build around rythm
Its quite simple, if you was me...nah keep on wishing
Im the shit here, smelling good, like pussy drippin
About to hit it, dont need no digits, they leavin with me
who? the bitches, sit down and listen, if you just missed it
fucking midget, see this drink here? I'll drown you in it
Fuck that you snitches stinking, Ill keep my drink clear
of your ass and just sip it, bitches zip it. then go unzip it
then get to sipping, you catch my drift yet? then get with it
to it do it to it with the movement and Ill get in it,
lets make some music, shows not over until you singing


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PostPosted: 04/10/07 03:10:30 PM 
flawless fluency wrote:
2Tall wrote:
SharpTongue Sun Virus wrote:
I cee, restart the piece, again I get raunchy, the
mind guide hand, heart explore lands, straight I stand
I'm even related to sand, ever-expand, wherever u look, there I am
just loungin, livin, lovin, laughin & learning,
wack rapper muthafucka tryin to clog and crab it but curred it
I'm way too muthafuckin nappy for u to perm it,
too addictive for u to curb it, too energetic to disturb it!
build or destroy, employed or unemployed, gimme mine and cut the noise
play the emcee forum like an extracurricular assignment
ways of many forms, strike with expert lyrical alignment, enlightening
fuck it, let the cipher fly again........

nice verse

Let the cipher fly again
Way up in the sky again
Let the fool get high again
learn new rhymes, drop by again
I drop fire when, I spit Im alive again
Fixed just to die again
resurrect, skills perfect, no lie my friend
you can hype, you can sell, I aint bying friend
I got all that I need right here, like air and water
food for my thought, soul, body and daughter
2tall never comes short, he the story and author
the pen the paper, last breath, glory he fought for
his head always up, he got more to stay strong for
more to uproar for, fight and make war for
Might die and still he walks home, kind of a strong dome
dead stuborn, serious, dreaded like warzones
the core of the rawest of all storms
quiet before, the roar, when its called for
hes laying the law on, haters and all those
crossing the line, you know thats uncalled for
all you ever thought of, you check but its all gone
2tall he got more balls, than the mightyiest warhorse
Might leave you want more, might make you beg
might make you fight him with your thighbone instead
Might make you tightrope through life so afraid
he might just come back, and knife you in bed
a day, month or year, guess youll never know
But when that day comes, bet youll never know
what hit you, split you or tore up that tissue
sawed up and ripped through organs and grizzle
Its more than a drizzle, sky falls down in rain
earth crumbles, implodes, youre crying in vein
noone hearing your call, noone feelin your pain
Its justice for all, 2tall, he stay real to that name
youre trying to grasp this, but reaching in vein

When you finally get it, it's depleted your brain
As life slips through your fingers you’re squeaking in pain
Crumble, you fumble with words and proverbs
Don’t stutter, but utter your last written verse
Before death comes upon you, cold bloodedly murdered
That’s what you get for trying to appear perfect
When we’re all nothing but frauds and flawed sinners
Trapped in the heartless boxes of Skinner

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PostPosted: 04/11/07 02:42:14 PM 
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Joined: 04/14/04 04:41:31 AM
Posts: 4707
you forgot your verse.


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PostPosted: 04/15/07 10:56:25 AM 
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PostPosted: 04/15/07 10:59:36 AM 
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Joined: 01/01/07 07:57:14 AM
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Location: ''GUN'RU'' MI
Toss Soul In The Black whole
Compared To The Blacks Home Were In A No tax zone
You Sit Down Your Ass Is Gone
Text 911 On the Phone

Finish The Story :afro:


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PostPosted: 04/16/07 04:45:21 PM 
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Joined: 04/14/04 04:41:31 AM
Posts: 4707
text 911 on the phone
service is gone
phone starts to roam
guess Im on my own
I turn of the lights
close all doors and windows
Its lock down tonight
for all who wants in though
even the bitches
the milkman, my kinfolk
who knows who snitches?
for dough for that info?
I never did no
wrong to be killed for
Still I am the one
They all got it in for
like I am that gold
that coke or that nympho
I light up my smoke
look down as my skin crawls
Someones at the door
I see flashlights and voices
I drop to the floor
as im gatless and choiceless


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PostPosted: 04/17/07 10:48:54 AM 
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Joined: 01/01/07 07:57:14 AM
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Location: ''GUN'RU'' MI
Like The Floor Is Safe/
hide-in a Safe Timed Locked To open Once Every 6 days/
I guess Today is My Lucky Day but i'm 2tall
to stand, Toss a fan I'll Smack a bitch and Tell Her to Throw me Her Hand/
A Knight In Shinning Cloths


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PostPosted: 04/17/07 02:50:40 PM 

Joined: 09/10/06 03:47:24 PM
Posts: 178
rah juxs is ..
manic ..
i push button..
ya frantic..
like rabbits duck hunt'in
u panic ..
as the mind spray starts buss'in
can it..
ur recycle raps is is worth nothin..
damn it..
get off magic stick and say sum'in
i double dare ya before i start dumping
hot toast ,metal match will meet ya main frame
bazocka blast blood drain,now ends ya talk game
shame, the killers dna is the same strain, found on ya girls bed frame ..
but it aint her....thou..
if u wasn't such a punk, u would already know..

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PostPosted: 04/19/07 01:50:09 AM 
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Joined: 11/05/02 09:41:11 PM
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Location: SoCal
Rappers still ain't rapping bout shit
Recognize my style as a poet
I am gonna tell it with emphasis and you know it
On the strength of this, the world is unraveling
Snatch your passport and mindbend with The Authority
Its time for mindtraveling, the opinion is now pouring
I gotta trip on the state of affairs on race
Shock jock Imus said some ill words and now can't show his face
Will you please just do the damn thing Barack?
What's with the plan to put another Clinton in
Except this one running lacks both any difference from the rest and a cock
What the fuck, are you reading the news?
The war situation giving me clues to how the U.S.
Is instigating the Muslim world's blues, streets running red
Some cats go over there to make some bread
But come back in a bodybag missing a head
And street cred? How many of these rappers can stand on the block
But wanna mock cuz I gotta sit in a classroom
Studyin the library ruins to keep my brothers out the tombs
I spend the weekend cutting international wombs
The talent within me will fly soon as I find my way out this cocoon
Meanwhile, jigaboo niggas is just shy of illiterate
Let's get to that as main topic, why do brothers feel the need to shuffle it?
I'm tired of it, but brag on about how you gotta spit
"Such hot shit", shut the fuck up, you cats seriously is noise
Just grew up disillusioned and ignorant, given guns as toys
A loon got loose and bucked iron on an entire study body
And had the time on the side to rant about his mental capacity
Such audacity, the shit ain't gonna master me, no!
I just gotta come here and tell you how I let the stress go
Drink till I'm numb like a hockey rink and mind wander
Of how to climb the social ladder, indulging in pocket plunder
Because in American society, we compromise power sobriety
Most actions of the strangers is in the name of money
The truth tellers of satire is who we say is real comedy
You realise this which was an uplifting movement to fight class
Is now a syndrome of brainwashing about guns, cars, loot and ass
I'll pass, and I mean more than just my college degree
When I'm done, it'll license me to be able to say finally
I will make the choice to do right justice and make a family
To live in peace and set an example, most of ya'll call outstanding
So spare the small talk and realize the world is changing
That ain't no myth, this truth is rich
Stop influencing my way of life and the art I use to bitch
Moan and complain, get anxiety off my chest
I'm destined to shoot you between the breast with my gift
And get off my ass to do more than talk the guff, son
Realize you waiting on whats happening
Revolution? Shit, what the fuck you been waitin on?
I gives a fuck about your metaphorical wordplay and shine
Speak it plain and impress Dwayne and say whats really on your mind
Its simple, listen to your thoughts, take your time and just rhyme!

Wanna Fight? Try Ultimate MUGEN!

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PostPosted: 04/19/07 10:32:56 PM 
when i step in the cipher,
Imon fiya Like Live wire's.
got so many cats in the crowd
pushin up there lighters.
they alarmed the firefighters.
Im sick of tired writers
denying they like me.
YET Tryin so Hard not to Bite me....Like Mikey,
did to Evander Hollyfield You Know the deal.
I'm raw and real Like molten steel yet cold to feel.
"To be honest The truth Is,I hit mic's Harder than Louis!!"
Still You students are Clueless and useless.
Even with a running start at a paper bag
you couldn't move shit.
Ill leave you torn like a bitch
who fucks with a horse's dick
Exploding with script
Fuck wasting TNT I'll
Make sure I shorten The wick and is totally lit.
Then Blow you to pieces
With Just a Quarter stick!!!!

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PostPosted: 04/28/07 11:41:49 AM 
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Joined: 01/01/07 07:57:14 AM
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Location: ''GUN'RU'' MI
I guess they'res Room For 1 more in this Casket

Snatch Heart's out tha Rest
ball bat tha guest to Death
This is were your dying Dreams
''Become Reality''
As of That We Die hard
Down we Fall Slowly To Death
Before I unleash Tha Beast In Self
Think-n of Wealth will cure one self
Lace Tha Insides of Arms With C-4 Rocks
wit Enough To blow a City Block
Like Super heros Tha Glock Shield Em''
as I Jumped off from,
''Tha Top Of My State''
i'd Laid flat With My Eyes Open,
On Top Of a Taxi cab
I'd Stood Up and crack a Sick Smile
And Then Walked Tha Mile
Each Step Set Fire
Tha Hell Rise-n
4 Tha 1 Taken
Here wait-n for My time to be Up
To Tha Curve
Shit Out Of Luck
Even With Horse-shoes In My Trunk


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PostPosted: 04/29/07 05:52:15 PM 
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Joined: 10/23/04 10:47:33 AM
Posts: 3329
Location: The Universe

it's gettin harder gettin stress off my chest
sense kids testing my depths
it's strange, all this bullshit I finesse
regardless, I play it like reward or consequence
absorb, I make sure u say peace to the lord
while u try to run with fuck shit, u subconsciously submit
I am the cigar, the herb, the ashes, the ashtray
the old, the new, the slow and the fast way
the Sun's bored, and these rockheads wanna loop
my thoughts prove to be the illest troops
all up in this zone, I can feel it in my bones,
these shakespeare niggas keep threatening my throne
cats shaken up by life, wonder how I keep divine armor
squintin at my light, silently charter
chilling new villages of my mind,
knowing I come off as straight weirdo sometime
still, I make wine outta grapevines
u make dinner out of curse
drink bitterness to quench your thirst
escape into ignorance, how the FUCK could u belittle this?
give off the notion that I've been here ever since
eyed by children, such a feeling
make music out of surroundings, continuously sound's spillin
nature does the drilling, can't be joining they mili
tary, hoping cuzzo survives all the upcoming illness
trying to school lil bro on fate, jake underestimate
waiting to cee us in wood crates or metal cage
19 million something lions full of rage,
shit.............what do in this zoo?

A virus to you, and the cure for U.


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PostPosted: 05/02/07 07:40:53 PM 
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Joined: 01/23/05 06:06:42 PM
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Location: NJ
had it up to here, fearin life at home
if i didnt write poems i'd have to lite your fuckin dome up
no props they strictly cynically try to mention me
step to me, you'll be the next to see the cement cemetary
daily life monotonous like jury duty i mean
seems like the only choices i have are between
becoming an alcoholic or destroyin my future
either way the stress on my back is growin like a tumor
so make room for the rampant explosion
seems like the ice age the way i see you standing frozen
smash shit on my floor in a roar,
scream through the hole i punched in the door, knuckles sore from beatin down my step mom whore

i rock mics well, lyrics rocket propelled
don't sport a bathing suit but got a pocket of shells

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PostPosted: 05/06/07 09:36:42 PM 
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PostPosted: 05/07/07 10:40:48 AM 
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Location: wisconSIN
dry to the eye I leave you with no reply..
sepentine like stitch to itch the clever eye/
why i try..i don't it jus comes out/
from venus like texile farms and brached out clout/
whether foul weather or stout/ I wear this grin and I constantly
smell the phermones waft'n off her skin/
where to begin with waste n haste stirring sadly
micrwave radition from robots spudniks madly/
incased from brain to strains potent like einstein with the rhyme min/
interwined grace like foreign wine...with the great divine mind madness sadly from the vine.

jus wanted to post??? keystyle been awhile since i've been on here

<<----- LÕrÐ Õþ†ÎMܧ þrÎMë ------>>
ïglú ¢rú

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PostPosted: 05/13/07 12:57:53 AM 
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Location: Canada
Problems get bigger, as politicians linger/
They quick to pull the triger on sum wack figure/
Kuss they holdin up power with just one finger/
Its murder war wrote, i wonder should i still even vote/
National leaders contiune to blow smoke, i hopes they choke/
But on that note i still believe theres hope/
Still Governments got a choke hold like a nuse/
The battle field holds no real truths/
We must stand up to the abuse/
And choose not to loose our youth/
And hopefully With unity we can form a truce/

Battle Record 54-41

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PostPosted: 05/13/07 06:56:22 AM 
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Joined: 04/14/04 04:41:31 AM
Posts: 4707
some people try to let us know whats really happenin, But we let our mind go sit back relaxing and, melt our minds slow with some reality show, But someday like YO! where did reality go?
I got mentality slowed, buT now my mentals on go, Im getting mental here yo, like loosing my dentals here yo
lifes biting my ass and I cant bite back, just suck on lifes ass and I cant fight back
WHY IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT? why I got to feel like that?
How come only me's like that, or is it only me who feels like that?
I might snap, fall and bounce right back again, and snap again and reenact the thing,
Acting real is actually, in fact for real, just beeing fake, if you cant face that fact you not seeing straight
I believe in fate, in fact I believe, I believe in faith,
So when I see my face in the mirror, I dont need escape, I feel Im safe, thats why I feel this great
apparantly I feel alot, and parenting gives me alot, apparantly parenting is raising me up,
apparantly embarrasment is something i dont need,
embarrasment apparantly derives from pride and not so merry men, who wants to marry men, you no them Mary men, Im no longer a married man, But Im still a parent man, its obviously apparant then,


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PostPosted: 05/13/07 06:07:28 PM 
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Joined: 01/01/07 07:57:14 AM
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yo YO

What makes me happy
as tha game try to slap me
tha endless world we live in
tha self crap to relaps or collapse From that dope in that needle
tha mess we live in
put Your foot in tha door like you settled tha score
for what i bring war long as i float flat under tha scope of a sniper
never was a fighter Just 1 Who retired wit a Belly full of fire
The power i wrote wit a high lighter
Live-n- direct tha Same as some vets
cash in all bets
And Quit Talkin shit
Hip hop i'm about this
wit Tha fist rised like a black Panther
As a waste I'm a face wit a task To blow away tha Mass Of fakes
Self bake Emcess Stand wit Me
For seen tha Struggle Up my hustle Like hired Muscle
Mash there Brain through tha Concrete
Defile to bewild Break into any style Inflame tha name tell it melts
This rhyme is heart felt
A matter with-n-self beat on chest like king kong to death
on tha take... were the bank.... we fly up state for the Blow I seek
tha coldest one to share defeat I will fight even from one knee
crack of storms it Change From Cold to Warm
To See the Sun you must first go though the cold
as i behold what 's never be Spoken
like a token to tha game of life wit three shots tell you drop
True reality Break though tha mental block Non-stop Fast as a Speedin bullet
as I Make up wit my heart my Soul is tellin Her No For What I don't Know
Fore Sure I'm Pinned Down Under a Rock That beg Me to Stop
Like I can't stop punching Your face Wit a Mad Case Of I hates
As I open Pits of hot lava The Wind Blows Tell it Flows Like A Snake

My Skin Can Cook 10 pounds of Rock
Jack Fishscale From My Cock

Man I'm going to Stop!!

But I Must Carry on
The Match Has Been Struck
Tha Black Candle Has Been Lit
Morph From tha Dark Power
Eyes Devour Skin cells Throw Up X-pills
I'm sick of walking up hills Lets climb Mountains
Find Youth Fountains Mouth Waters For Tha hunt of Knowledge
Wipe Away Your Pain with Tha Clouds
Bring Crowds Let it be Known Out Loud
Like Tha Life Of a Child When they begin to understand
Boys into man Girls into Woman
To help tha Parents To keep On Living
I've Cut A Rug And off a Few Mugs
Smack Jaws With full Water Jugs
About 2 Gallons Each
I feel the Beat Like the Air I breath
Survive Is More then A need

To Me It's A Must Be!


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PostPosted: 05/14/07 10:34:46 AM 
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:| :|


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PostPosted: 05/15/07 04:07:18 PM 
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Location: Canada
Who's The ghost in all black, coming up real fast/
Bringing that cold draft, coming thru masked/
Leaving Breathes trapt as life slips on past/
Some call him the soul keeper, but i see bones like the reaper/
Who's Quickly putting me into a sleeper/
My eyes begin to sink deeper/
How was it all started/
Was i labled as evil hearted, from the day i was left un guarded/
Now destined for depths left uncharted/

Battle Record 54-41

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