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Music After Party Black Moon & Smiff N Wessun @ Knitting Factory 11/08/08 Special Guests Havoc & Travis McCoy Black Moon & Smiff N Wessun - Performing at the Knitting Factory The Roots bring out Mos Def to perform 'Rising Down' at the Roseland Ballroom. 10-28-08 The Roots & Mos Def - Rising Down CL Smooth & Skyzoo perform the debut single "Perfect Timing" (prod. by M-Phazes) live at Public Assembly (Williamsburg, Brooklyn). "Perfect Timing" is the debut buzz single to Coalmine Records forthcoming compilation album "Unearthed" due for a 3rd Quarter '09 release. Unearthed features appearances and production from Pharoahe Monch, Dilated Peoples, Kool G Rap, Large Pro, Alchemist, Sean Price, Emilio Rojas, M-Phazes, Big Noyd, Ayatollah, Royce The 5'9", Sha Stimuli, Mela Machinko, Torae, Khrysis, Pumpkin Head, Bekay, J-Live, CL Smooth, Skyzoo, Domingo and more! CL Smooth, Skyzoo & Mick Boogie - Perfect Timing The Outfit; Phil Anastasia, Rahsaan and The Last American B-boy opening for Wu-tang Clan's Raekwon the Chef and Ghostface Killah at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park, Chicago 7-20-08 Phil Anastasia & the Outfit Live W/ Raekwon & Ghostface - Performance LIVE AT AS220 THE 3RD WORLD COMING JUNE 24TH Immortal Technique - Live At AS220 Live on The Invasion Radio Show with DJ Green Lantern. If you've never heard 'The Invasion', you should know that Green Lantern is about exposing the real deal. I knew this wouldn't be a normal interview when I walked in and saw they had a keyboard set up for me. Keep in mind, I take my hat off to the true improvisational players out there. I've been around the world and seen some amazing piano/keyboard players. In fact - I've even hired a few of them to play with me at live shows or in sessions. I taught myself to play by ear, and I was thankful I figured out the chords in time to get an arpeggio going. I posted this video to show that no matter your talent level - it's always important to give your all. People will respond as long as it's sincere. Live radio on the spot is no joke. Ryan Leslie - Plays Over "Lollipop" By Lil Wayne On Sirius LIVE PERFORMANCE BY LIL BOOSIE AND DUKEMAN THE KING OF FLINT Lil Boosie - Live In Concert In Flint, Mi. Rza returns to his birthplace of Brooklyn to destroy the mic with Kinetic, 60 Second Assassin , Buddha Monk, Tes Uno, C-Rays Walz and various Wu-tang Soldiers. Here goes some fiction for the heads out thurrrr! Miss Teen usa aka Miss South Carolina could even understand that the Britney Spears is a Stargate alien from the planet Mars or maybe Venus. (I'm not sure) Lil Wayne and Rhianna also concur that these myspace fellas blur the line of reality through art fatality. Mortal Kombat on you Wombats!!! Finish him for breakfast lunch and dinner to see who the winner is on who wants to me a millionare or even chamillionare. I found a billion google type candies worn by a sexy gal named Mandy. She was totally crazy and loved to listen to Dipset and even Snoop Dogg ! Here's my most favorite tale: One day I saw a cute fat kitten run amok. His name was John and he had a lil sister named Mary Ann and an even smaller sister named Suzy. They went to the store to buy a crack rock for Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Oj Simpson. then Johnny Cochran stepped on Suzy and went to court with her parents. Meanwhile, the boy cat from around the corner who went to the same school where the olsen twins escaped, found some hardcore booty shake records from the 90's. He listened to the classic songs yet new they were disrespectful to women. Ergo the Freak in captivity is none other than the new character Tommy with whom all adore. Tom is a wolf and he likes to eat cats for Breakfast!!! He plays on his playstation and sony psp all day long while watching snowboard videos. Meanwhile the super hot Cat was riding his skateboard while playing Kanye west on his Ipod and then BOOM!!!The Battle Begins!!! the Wolf Jumped in front of him and said give me your rubik's cube and your Jessica Alba lunchbox or I'll call the police and tell them about the alternative avant garde lifestyle that you've been living. WHAT ?! said the cat ( lol ) He looked into his pocket for the proper code to release his dragonball z monster that was hidden in his little kitten pocket. KABOOOM!! A giant 100 foot tall two headed Homer and Bart Simpson behemoth arose from inside his red ball of power. The simpsons were a threat that the wolf never imagined would serve to challenge him in an animal fight. So he called up Daft Punk on his cell phone and told them to bring a metal stripper to destroy these cartoon machines before his eyes as well as vote for Obama or Hillary Clinton in space! So then, Outta the Blue....a robot parody of a funny novel I didnt read called the Davinci code came out of nowhere to protect the wolf. Then Marge And Maggie simpson fell from the sky like angels to lay their wrath upon the strong dog. Even Lisa appeared with an Oprah medallion on her side that was glaring with the aura of a Scientology gem that would make Harry Potter jealous. The silly wolf made a stupid mistake. He slipped on a banana and fell on his ass so hard that he could no longer walk! The cat side are you alright? are you Hurt?! or in pain?...and the wolf replied " You foolish pussy cat! Daft Punk and Kanye are coming to get you ! ...the cat said " dont make me pull 50 cent out of my pokemon ball too! I'm warning you!" Then a blond fairy appeared and told them all to stop or she would turn them into frogs!!! ( rofl ) Then the magic fairy said "do you want me to give you a sex change operation?! or do y'all want me to delete your myspace pages!!!??" Both animals replied " NO " dont do that Please dont do that! We just want to be Platinum rap stars like on that tmz channel. Can you surgically bond us to Angelina Jolie possibly? the Fairy replied " I want an apology for Michael Jackson. Then Oj appeared with a baseball bat and a basketball jersey screaming " I want a Hershey!" The cat said I'm so thirsty for some milk ..cookies would complement that nice. or maybe I just stick with eating mice. So they all went back to Oj's house to watch Full House versus the Family Guy's spouse! and then the whole city got destroyed by a nuclear bomb develop by terrorists funded by your Mom! Sike!! Rza, 60 Sec Assassin, Buddha Monk & Wu Fam Blaze - Part 4 Of 4 Lupe Fiasco featuring Matthew Santos performing "Superstar" on David Letterman from CBS. Lupe Fiasco - Performing "Superstar" With Matthew Santos On Letterman At NYC's Stand-Up show, Harlem mc Donny Goines delivers "Never let my talent die". The song is a heartfelt tribute to the rapper's friend and collaborator Disco D (r.i.p.). Stand Up is a showcase for underground hip-hop put on by and and hosted by the Internets Celebrities. Also on the bill for the 12/06/07 show were: Hired Gun, Cause, Channel Live, NYOIL and Sean Price Video by Terrence Elenteny Donny Goines on MySpace Oh Word Sit Down Stand Up Internets Celebrities Donny Goines - Never Let My Talent Die (Disco D Tribute) OCT.2/07 @ WAREHOUSE LIVE Devin the Dude Coughee Brothaz - Live Big Pun and Fat Joe perform Twins Big Pun and Terror Squad - perform live Non Phixion Live Storyville Feb 2000 Non Phixion - Live Fugees United live at Ivory Blacks in Glasgow, 09/12/06. Part 1 Fugees - Live Living Legends - Never Fallin Living Legends - Perform at Rock the Bells DJ routine by DJ Sheep in Melbourne during the J-Zone tour... J-Zone - Australian Tour - Melbourne Collie Buddz Collie Buddz - Live@The Docks (Toronto) Compilation of the live show in Holland Cali Agents - Live @ Speakers, Delft Planet Asia is a former member of the short-lived rap group known as Cali Agents (also featuring Rasco). This is taken from a video of a performance at Rhyme Night 2005 in Long Beach, CA, which was put together by Xzibit. This is the title track from Planet Asia - Medicine (Live 4/29/2005)