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Music Video: Alix Perez - U

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Alix Perez - U EP - Exit Records - Released 7th April 2014
Itunes preorder - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/u-e...
Vinyl Preorder - http://www.surus.co.uk/Exit-Records/U...

Exit Records proudly presents their 50th release, the new EP produced by the ever-evolving, highly influential and versatile Alix Perez. Both Exit's and Alix' names are synonymous with pushing boundaries in drum'n'bass, whilst consistently raising the bar for producers and composers globally. This new venture, titled 'U', is no exception.
With features from DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, and Stray, this EP perfectly displays Alix' abilities to create something completely fresh, heavy, gritty, classy, immaculate and brand new.
Whilst this EP will certainly hurt your sound system, it is not just music to dance to. This is music for the most passionate listeners and collectors. This EP is Alix' foray into a hybrid of Juke, bass, hip-hop and footwork influenced style of drum'n'bass, with his own distinct London slant on it.
Each song (whilst completely different from one another), flows seamlessly, and need not be touched at any point. This is a movement through all manner of sound and textures, and is a highly dynamic piece of work, which exemplifies longevity, and a mastery of composition and production.

Director/Editor: Joao Retorta
Director of Photogaphy: Kiril Proskura
Produced by: Heavy

VFX: Pedro Santana aka zoidfactory
Assistant Director: Itvinder Singh Hayre
Styling: Norberto Santos

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Angad Singh Rihal



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