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Music Video: Ryan Leslie - I-R-I-N-A

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SONG: I've spent the last 2 weekends shooting a crazy photo story for my single "Diamond Girl" starring Russian fashion model Irina Sheik (http://supermodels.nl/irinasheik ). The concept required that we have some chemistry on set and since I speak very little Russian, I started singing this song and melody to break the ice and lighten up the vibe. By the end of the shoot, the boys on my staff suggested I lay it down, so here it is.

VIDEO: A few months ago, I hired Guillaume Doubet (http://www.myspace.com/ilovegeedub ), a talented young director from France to come and work on our video team. He came up with the concept to shoot this video at double speed so when we played it back in real-time, it would have the slow motion effect that you see. So - imagine dancing and singing this song at 2x the speed all in one continuous take - no edits. Watch closely, the end of the video where I walk off screen really gives it away. PLEASE NOTE: This means that the video was shot in exactly 113 seconds (or 1/2 the time it will take you to watch it).

Enjoy, share, and stay tuned for the "Diamond Girl" photo story shot by my good friend Pieter Henket. You can see a preview image on my myspace page (http://www.myspace.com/ryanleslie ). It's my profile picture.

God bless.


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